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Jean Marie Pfeifer

Jean Pfeifer RN, QT Practitioner


Transformational Energy Healing with Jean

10611 Road 125 Philadelphia
Mississippi, 39350-7107
United States

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[email protected]

Jean Pfeifer RN served in traditional nursing settings in Hospitals, Long term Care, and Mental Health Residentiol facilities for more than a decade. She became disillusioned with the Western Medical model that focused more on treating the symptoms instead of the root causes. Administering drugs which over time caused new health problems and the need for more drugs or pain medications which needed to be increased as the client built up a tolerance for them. As she searched for other safer, more effective methods to address people's ailments she found what she was hoping for. Quantum Touch proved to be very effective. Initially Jean used it on client's complaining of chronic and acute pain. Word spread and she began getting requests to work on other types of illnesses. Whole families, adults, children, grandchildren and even their pets were receiving Quantum Touch sessions from her. Jean explains, she is not a healer. She sends a higher vibrational energy into the client's body. The client's body is able to use that energy to heal itself with no side effects at all except to feel better and to have more energy and a lighter mood. Many of her clients came with complaints of pain, sadness, grief, anxiety, fear, confusion, physical and emotional exhaustion, and numerous physical ailments. Jean, loves helping people to live a better, happier life without side effects. Most sessions can be done remotely in the day or evenings when you are able to sit and relax for a bit. You can follow the link to Schedule a free 15 minute, no obligation consult with Jean Pfeifer of Transfomational Energy Healing with Jean.
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