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Goldie Freeman

Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor/Practitioner


Golden Phoenix

United States

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[email protected]

I started my business Golden Phoenix in 1998, helping others to heal with the focus on the Body, Mind and Spirit. I am a certified Quantum-Touch Instructor/Practitioner, I've taken the advanced classes, Supercharging, Core Transformation I, and Core Transformation II.  I'm also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Reconnective Healing®/Practitioner. I have found that Quantum-Touch and Reiki together, enhances the healing. Other modalities I use are Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy, Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls,  Crystals and Gemstones, plus Healing Music. I have strong intuitive abilities, including medical intuitive. I have natural counselor abilities. I feel client's energy and know where they need healing the most. I have been to workshops on healing and have studied many books on the subject. Many of my clients experience emotional release as well as amazing self-body healing. I offer Distance Healing as well.

Quantum-Touch Instructor/Practitioner and Master/Teacher of the Usi Reiki system. I am available for healing sessions, as well as for teaching Quantum-Touch or Reiki. I offer individual treatments on an hourly basis, with an appointment, for Quantum-Touch, Reiki, or Reconnective Healing®. 

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