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"Supercharging Quantum-Touch"

The Supercharging Book is now available!

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Softcover, 224 Pages

by Alain Herriott  

Mary Derr discovered this wonderful method of amplifying the power and effectiveness of QT sessions, and Alain Herriott was able to add depth, wisdom and integration to this work. Over the last 6 years the Supercharging workshop has become a favorite seminar.

I’m sure you will enjoy this book that takes the basic QT method to the next level. Whether you are learning it for the first time, or using it to review your class experience, Alain has written a remarkably clear and well-illustrated book with plenty of color pictures.
With much love,
Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

"Supercharging Quantum Touch is a must have for anyone interested in working with energy.  I have taken the Supercharging workshop and have found this book to be a wonderful reference with additional information that helps me in applying Supercharging to all my Quantum-Touch sessions. It is written clearly and informatively. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the concept of energy." - Carole Schmelzer, St. Paul, MN

Please note the Supercharging Book builds on the techniques learned in the book "Quantum-Touch:The Power to Heal"