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Gold-Plated Energy Healing Pendant

Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Micro Pendant

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$119.00 each

A Major Discovery: Infusing Life Force Energy Into Objects

The Quantum-Touch Gold-Plated Micro Pendant

In 2017, Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch made a major discovery that will open all us up to a whole new range of possibilities for Quantum-Touch. He ran 56 unique experiments to explore the effectiveness of this discovery, and he was shocked, surprised, and excited by the results...

He discovered a way to infuse energy and intent into objects with Quantum-Touch. Yes! The energy we cultivate with Quantum-Touch can not only resonate within objects, but objects charged with Life Force energy can be used to accelerate healing, enhance well-being, and much more.

The Quantum-Touch pendant is charged with love and linked (entangled) with all the other Quantum-Touch pendants. Richard Gordon and the Quantum-Touch team have charged the pendants with a high vibration of Universal Life Force energy. Coherent energy supports well-being at the deepest level.

How Do I Use the Pendant?

In our Quantum-Touch workshops, we show you how you can use Life Force energy to help facilitate healing for yourself and others. Now you can use the pendant to do the same!

For example, you can hold it to your throat for two minutes, with intent, and your singing voice may sound more clear. You can place a bottle of water on the pendant, your vitamins, your moisturizer, whatever you like and intend for the pendant to increase their vibrational energy. You can use it to enhance your happiness and well-being. We're sure that you will discover many other applications.

Because the pendants are entangled with all of the Quantum-Touch charged products, Richard Gordon and the Quantum-Touch team will continue to charge them them from a distance. The energy of the pendants will continue to upgrade over time and will always be charged.

The pendant is a wonderful assist that amplifies your healing potential, but the original intent that unlocks its presence comes from within you. As always, your heart is the key.

What Is the Pendant Made Of?

The gold-plated pendant is made with a stainless steel base and anti tarnish gold plating. Also it is waterproof and hypoallergenic. There is no lead or nickel used in the manufacturing of our pieces. The center stone is a zircon gemstone. Each pendant is 1.25 inches (3.175 cm) in diameter.

The pendants can be added to your favourite chain or cord.


If you have questions about the pendants or other charged products, please check out our frequently asked questions page

Charged Product FAQ

Reviews of the Quantum-Touch Pendant

"Thank you - Thank you- Thank for the AWESOME QUANTUM TOUCH PENDANT! We just amped-up the Energy and Essence of Quantum-Touch!"
Carol Lee, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"I just received the pendant and I opened the package. It is very beautiful and certainly it will be a huge success and another step in your wonderful work and contribution to the world!"
Bia de Castro Oliviera, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"Today I asked my doctor to hold the pendant for two minutes. He said that he had a "click" in his head bones. Fantastic."
Bia de Castro Oliviera, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"I just received my pendant. They are exquisite. Flower of life pattern on the back. A jewel in the middle on the back. Very classy. Their energy is amazing."
- Darla Clark, Quantum-Touch Instructor

"This morning I received my pendant. It's such a beautiful thing to look at and it feels powerful. I started to wear it straight away, with a gold necklace. I went to the local supermarket. The lady at the counter, who knows me well, looked at my pendant and said: 'Wow, that is beautiful. Where did you get it?' I said I do energy healing and this was a gift from my teacher in the USA. She asked me about healing. As there were other customers waiting, I kept my answers brief, but I did give her a few seconds of hands-on healing on her shoulder. She felt better immediately and took my business card. This pendant is a wonderful gift. I will let you know what happens once I start using it with my clients."
-Johanna van Reenen, Quantum-Touch Instructor