QT Revives "Dead" Fish

September 10, 2008

On morning, about a week ago, I noticed that the lid on one of my aquariums had been left open and one of the fish had jumped out and was lying partially dried up and seemingly dead on the floor.

With a heavy heart I picked up the fish and started to rinse it off in preparations for freezing and later burial. The fish moved just a bit and I realized that perhaps it was not dead after all. I put the fish into a breeding box in another aquarium, held it cupped in my hand and used an eye-dropper to gently squirt water into its mouth and past its gills. At the same time I ran QT into the fish. After a couple of minutes the fish started to faintly breath on its own. Its eyes were opaque over from drying out and it wasn't moving but at least it was alive. I ran QT into the fish for a few more minutes and then left it alone. About an hour later I ran  QT into the fish for a couple more minutes and did a few minutes of distant QT throughout the day.  The fish lay immobilized on the bottom of the breeding box for more than a day and only on the second day was it able to move its fins and stay upright.

The fish, a 'diamond cichlid' from Madagascar, is now perfectly healthy and ready to go back into its former tank. I have been keeping fish for more than 30 years and have never seen a fish come back from being so far gone. I have no doubts that it was QT that enabled it to make a full recovery from its near-death experience. I plan to use distant QT on some newly laid to catfish eggs to see if it will improve the fertility rate.

Tim Loncarich
Bid Ocean, Inc.
TEL 866-347-9657

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