A client of mine, Maureen had a very bad fall on a slippery floor at the hospital where she was employed. She broke the humerus at the shoulder on the right side and severely injured her right hip and leg.

I did distant healing immediately for 30 minutes when she returned home and then did a 2 hour hands on healing session the next day. The pain was greatly relieved and bruising increased.

One month later, Maureen called me at 7:45 on Monday evening. She was lying on the floor with enormous pain in her lower back and unable to get up. I did 30 minutes of distant healing and called her back. The pain in her back had moved up from the lumbar area to the lower thoracic and a lot of sensation was being felt in her arm. However, she could still not get up from the floor. I continued the distant healing for 1-1/2 hours and called her back. At this time she was standing, but had incredible weakness in her legs. The pain was gone. I continued to do distant healing for another 45 minutes.

When I called her the next morning, she was walking around, her legs continued to be weak, but the pain was basically gone. She said that occasionally she felt a slight twinge in the lower back where she had felt the pain initially the evening before. Otherwise she felt quite fine, the fear was gone, and she is looking forward to attending the next Quantum-Touch workshop here in Ottawa.

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