Hi again,
yesterday i have done a 50 minute session on my girlfriend in germany.
she just has a bad cold, i called her this morning and asked how she was.
she said that she feels no different from yesterday.
my sensations where intense (and didn't change during the whole session, no matter where i focused on).
!!!i have to say that i am a rookie, this was my first distant healing!!!

any tips for me? why don't i feel a difference over 50 mins. ? i had to stop b/c i was getting exhausted, not b/c i felt that the session was completed in any way.

i thank you all in advance for your precious time!
posted 21 May 2008 05:51 AM    Hide Post
thanks to you guys.
both explanations make sense to me.
maybe i just need more practice to feel the fine differences.
I did it with just her body in my mind, which went pretty well tough. i got distracted a few times but was back on track within seconds.
i concentrated on the different chakras and tried also not to be too focused, meaning be as relaxed as possible.
JOdy you might be right with the hyperventilation. even my lips where tingling from the breathing...
thanks also to antranik, that sounds also very possible. mabe even a mix of all of this.
posted 28 May 2008 07:15 PM    Hide Post

the healing worked very well, just took 1 day to take effect!
she was already coughing 1 day (usually that means she has to live with it for around 4 weeks) as i did the distant healing and i concentrated the energy on her lungs.
guess what ... the next morning she woke up and didnt had to cough anymore!
thanks for all your friendly replies! Get Started With QT Now >
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