Case 1 :
A medical doctor his age is about 70 years old, he is suffering renal disorders caused by the contrast used in his catheterization for his heart. The protein and Creatin level in his blood were too high. He has to do protein diet and control the food tightly. He looked very sick and actually although he already 70 years old he is still energetic.
He told me that he lsot his appetite and during several days before I met him it was only few meals he can took . His condition drop and he looks older.
I ran the QT every night for a week and each session about 15-20 minutes.
After the first session, the next day he phoned me and said he felt better, his body fresher and more powerfull and his appetite is appeared.
After a week he checked his Protein and Creatini level is back to normal again.
It's a wonderfull and very surprising.
Case 2 :
His wife is about 68 years old, she is suffering HNP and the problem is on L.4 & L.5 painful and her knees also very painful.
After seeing the progress of her husband got an improvement with QT, she demanding that she also want her HNP be treated with QT too.
I ran the Distant Healing only once for about 30 minutes. She felt warm on her back and flow to the legs during the session.
The next day she phone me that this morning no pain at all, and she said I can run or even jump. What a surprise. It works well.
Until today after more than 1 month she had no complaint at all.
Thanks to QT.
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