posted 08 October 2012

Working with a client last week, I found a new level of respect and awe for Quantum-Touch as I worked initially on the feet that were causing such profound pain. As I held the right foot, which had no arch and was somewhat twisted, I could feel the foot shifting and reorganizing. My client felt her knee turning as her upper thigh turning and twisting as well. I then worked on her knee, and then her back. Next I worked on the left foot which changed things again, but I brought the session to a close following that part. This took more than 2 hours, and I will see her again this week.
As I was holding her foot, I could feel my right foot, which was broken when I was 13 years old, begin the really tingle and the big toe pulsing. It has continued to pulse and tingle and today during a focusing call with a partner, my entire right foot did an entire process up my leg to the knee, to the hip joint and along to the sacroiliac joint.
My client has continued to feel the work in her foot as well. This is what is truly meant by give a session, get a session....I've had many things happen as I did my work, but this spontaneous healing of my foot both during and following the session was a new one for me....
Bless you Richard for this wonderful work, and bless us all who are doing this with our peers, clients, friends and the planet.....I work with many clients and I have taught thousands of students, and they build confidence by practicing, and they also experience relief from stress as do my clients

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!!!

Aileen McKenna
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor Get Started With QT Now >
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