Hi Everyone,

Today is my birthday and the first person to call me was my grandmother. 
She sang me �Happy Birthday� and began to tell me about when I was 

Her Birthday was only a few days ago, January 31st, and the family gave 
her a party. I was not able to be there but she told me how much fun she 
had. On that weekend there was a terrible ice storm and she usually stays 
inside because the cold air makes her sick. Nothing stopped her that 

Out of the blue she said, "I don't hurt anywhere. I am so glad you blowed 
on me. I didn't know what to do." It has been months since I had my last 
session with her. She just turned 75 and she is still thanking me for the 
Quantum-Touch I gave her. It was a wonderful birthday gift.

I am so incredibly thankful for finding Q-T. People I don't even know 
have been calling me for sessions and I am very thankful to Richard for 
bringing this gift into the light for all to share.

Have an inspirational day!
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