I joined the Quantum-Touch Level I course with Patricia in Australia at the end of June this year. I was intrigued about this form of hands on healing. I had experienced some quantum healing and was blown away with the ability to heal. I have studied shiatsu, reflexology, iridology and therapeutic massage prior to this course, but nothing like this.

My experience at the course was amazing, Patricia was a wonderful host and teacher and to say the least opened my mind to a whole new world. Patricia along with the other people on the course helped my life to change over one weekend.

It was on this weekend I decided that I wanted to become an instructor, I wanted to help teach people how to heal their families and friends and learn this amazing quality that we all have inside us.

I left the course and immediately barged through the front doors of my home to heal my husbands jaw clicking that he had due to an attack he had suffered, it worked!!!! I was blown away. I tried fixing his knee problems but didn't succeed and immediately lost confidence in my ability. Patricia guided me through many emails, helping me to relax and believe in myself and to guide my intentions, not to loose confidence and to relax and allow my intentions and love to help me help the people I love. It worked.

I have since then had so many experiences I would like to share with you.

I went on to heal a mate of mine who had ringing in his ears and suffered dizziness, he is off medication and his ringing has stopped.

My husband rides extreme enduro and I have helped him a few times after riding when he gets home and cannot walk to squatting after a healing and telling me he is fixed.

Another friend of mine broke both his feet - in the course we were taught distant healing and Patricia used a person with foot problems as an example, I did distant healing on his feet and to this day he hasn't complained of pain in his feet.

My other friends dog hurt his leg and needed an operation, when he started walking he hurt his leg and it was sticking out like a wing, I did quantum on him, his leg started shaking and turned inwards and he put his paw on the floor and started running around with a slight limp, since then I am there every few days helping his progress, he is almost walking normally again.

One of my instructors (I own an aerial fitness studio and am a nutritionist) hurt her neck and couldn't look over her right shoulder I did quantum on her and within 20 minutes she was rolling her head in circles - as blown away as I was.

Another instructor fell out of an aerial silk the other day her ankle literally popped. I had to rush her to hospital, one of my students is a nurse and came with us, when the doctor assessed her and touched her foot, she cried in pain, they thought she tore ligaments and calf muscles and recommended 2 weeks on crutches and putting no pressure on her foot.
Whilst we were waiting for her to get discharged I decided to do quantum on her, the nurse that was with us said ' hmmmm yes let's see this healing ability you have I don't believe hands can fix what doctors can't ' without trying to prove a thing my intention was to help my instructor heal, I started to heal her - her foot was shaking and turning.

The following day she called me and came to my studio walking through the doors without crutches her words were ' I don't know what you have done to me but I have rolled my ankle before and could not walk on it for days, here is am walking on my foot!!!!!

These are just a few of the examples that come to mind off the top of my head of my experiences since June, I am beyond blown away by this amazing phenomenon and I just want to heal the world.

I want to thank you for sharing this ability with the world and helping people like myself who have so much love and energy with an ability to heal to channel this energy and help people.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift that I now have

I am now convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that I will be in instructor for quantum, I have booked in with Patricia to repeat the level one course on the 10/11th August and with Johanna on the 25/26 August.

I would like to pursue an opportunity in being an instructor, I feel it's my destiny to help teach people how to learn this wonderful healing and help the world heal each other, why wouldn't everyone on earth want to learn to help each other without medication, poison and to help heal naturally with love, what a wonderful world we live in and what a beautiful life is it when you can help take pain away with love. I wish the entire world would stop for one minute to learn to love correctly and with intent.

Thank you for changing my life, I am a teacher on so many levels and now my teaching will expand to a new realm x

Please let me know what steps I need to take in order to pursue my future as an instructor of quantum touch. I cannot wait to take this further.

I was talking with Patricia again about the mentor program, who would be my mentor, is it via Internet with an American mentor (as this mentor program is fairly new to the instructor course?)

I look forward to hearing from you and again, thank you

Kind regards
Tracey Ecclestone

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