Janet’s Story:

Janet came to me during June 2011 for a Quantum-Touch healing session.  She was referred to me by a friend, who told her to come to me to have her body aligned.

When Janet stopped in front of my gate, I noticed that she held her head completely tilted to one side, so I presumed that she was talking on her cell phone, clutching it between her ear and shoulder, to leave her hands free to turn the steering wheel.

Janet took awhile to get out of her car and when she eventually did, she still held her head completely over to one side.  I invited her to come in and when she sat down in a chair in my therapy room, I was shocked when I realized that that there was no cell phone after all, but that her head seemed to be completely “stuck” in this unnatural position.  I asked her how long she had been in this position, she replied: “for about five to seven years”.  I then asked her if she had sought medical help for this condition, to which she replied that she has consulted a neurosurgeon. His diagnosis was that her left sternocleidomastoid muscle was in severe spasm (this muscle is attached to the cranium, just behind the ear, and then it stretches around to the front of the body, where it is attaches to both the clavicle and sternum). The neurosurgeon referred Janet to a Physiotherapist. She  went for many treatment sessions and when her condition seemed to worsen, instead of improving, she then consulted a Chiropractitioner, who “clicked her head, rotating it from side to side, which at last, seemed to give her some initial relief.  As none of the treatments had lasting benefits and Janet stopped going for treatment all together.

I worked with Quantum-Touch and first aligned Janet’s Hips and shoulders.  After that, I focussed mainly on her neck.  At first, I was unable to position my hand between the head and shoulder on the side of her neck. Her head felt “as heavy as a brick” and it seemed really “stuck” to the Left shoulder.

While working, several of Janet’s supporting back muscles went into painful spasms and I had to divert my attention and focus to and fro, neck to back to neck, on and on.  After an hour of Quantum-Touch, Janet’s head started lifting at last.  Although there is a marked improvement in Janet’s condition, there is still a lot of core distortion within her body and she will have to continue with treatment for some time, before there will be real and lasting benefits.


 Johanna Werth

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