posted 11 April 2011 06:13 PM

A 83 year old woman, who was of friend of my mother, was suffering from a last stage leukemia. About six weeks ago she was in the hospital and she was extremely weak and did not eat at all. The medical specialists estimated that she would live one month only.

About one month ago I started with a QT session with her, whereby I used the Core-1 healing techniques. Some days after the first session she started with eating regularly again. Some days after the second session, which was about ten days after the first session, they took a blood sample from her. Surprisingly there was NO TRACE of leukemia in the blood sample. The leukemia has disappeared completely. The medical specialist (not knowing that I had QT-sessions with the client) mentioned that it is a miracle, and could not understand and could not explain how this could happened.

Up to now I have had only three QT sessions with her of about one hour. As I understood all the time she was staying in the house, only sitting and remaining in her bed. She mentioned that last weekend she had a restful sleep. When she awoke, she mentioned that she was feeling different, and after a long time she started walking in her garden, which is outdoor. Still sometimes she has a hot feeling in her legs, and feeling weak.

Thank you Richard Gordon and Alain Herriot for the QT teachings.

Many Love and Blessings,

posted 18 April 2011 06:54 PM

The client is now feeling more vital; during my last session three days ago, she looked cheerfully. Now and then she walks outside around her house, in her garden, looking at her flowers. She is eating better. Sometimes still she is feeling dizzy, and her legs are sometimes still feeling warm/hot (probably the blood circulation is not optimum yet).

Chrissie you are right. As in science this all is coincidence. However, when the probability has increased, and when there is a (high/very high) correlation between facts, then it is assumed that there is a relationship between these facts; 100% correlation statistically does not exist.

Veruska, thanks for your interest for the Core technique I have used.
The sessions were in general as follow:
Since I know that the client is a very religious Christian and to convince her, I requested her to pray in the way she likes, before the sessions.
I did the body-scan and could feel parts in the body, which were not in harmony, feeling like dark spots.
I did firstly the steam-release technique on the spots, which were not in harmony.
I wombed the body parts which were not in harmony (with real hands and/or imaginary hands), sometimes "poking with a stick", and later on the whole body with imaginary hands, from to toes to the head.
I wombed the whole body and stimulate the energy flow from the legs to the head; when I did this, I noticed that she was relaxed and started feeling better and started sleeping.
I wombed the thymus, the ears and some other vital body parts in the head; use your intuition.
Whilst I am doing the Core-healing, I feel the DARK body parts which are NOT IN HARMONY; when these parts are in harmony in the course of the session, it feel like RADIANT.
Since I know from Past-Life therapy that generally cancer and in fact all diseases have an emotional-karmic background, I requested the client to do forgiveness sessions; forgive everybody who have harmed her, including herself and God.
I think the Core-techniques are powerful techniques. One day I did a Core-technique on a tumor on a client, which was about 5 cm long and 3 cm wide. After a session of about 15 minutes the size of the tumor decreased significantly to a width of less than 1.0 cm.

posted 18 September 2011 08:21 PM

Dear Randy and other QT forum members,
I am sorry that I did not update this post before.
For a time-being the client became energetic, however suddenly her physical condition became worst and she passed away not so long ago. According to the medical specialist the leukaemia suddenly showed up again.

I feel very sorry she has passed away and I was hoping that she would recover completely and permanently, even she was aged. However I have learned some lessons:

Healing with QT is almost beyond all possibilities and you are able to help people who are suffering from pains to bear the pain/illness and make them feel comfortable.
When the time to go has come, you cannot stop it; maybe you can postpone it for a short or a longer time.
Even if the time to go is fixed, you can make a difference by spending the time you have left in this life in the way you like, increase the quality of your life and enjoy life, with the knowledge that the death at the end of this life is not the end of your existence.
The way your (this) life is ending and the way you experience this ending, is perhaps the most important event in your (this) life; if it is ending in an undigested traumatic way, you will have to digest it sooner or later in the future (karma; next life), and if it is ending in a peaceful and comfortable way, with love, in your next life you will have less traumatic issues to digest (karma) and you will have more time, energy and opportunities for your spiritual growth.
Indeed we memorize love ones after they have passed away, however we should also pay attention or even more to love ones who are still alive.
Relatives of people in bad health will be happy and grateful if you help them.

Some parts of the above mentioned lessons are also from my experience in past-life therapy.

The time for client to pass away came already and probably she and her relatives could feel that. My contribution with QT was the short postponement in her passing and that she felt more energetic and comfortable during this short time period of postponement. She and her relatives got the opportunity during this short time period to spent time together, and she could receive all the love from them and finally could pass away peacefully.
And as Cris mentioned, a peaceful passing is the highest good (which is confirmed in my experience in past-life therapy)

Many Love and Blessings.

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