posted 08 October 2011 12:19 PM

So I go to visit a lady I've known for a long while thats had a long list of troubles. She finally set up a time for me to come round to see her. I went with another friend so while they chatted for a bit and got the ladies daughter in bed, her dog came bounding up and happily wanted petted and pampered. I learned later it was a beagle, german sheperd mix. While I don't know if this is the true true breed, it was certainly a large beagle so I wouldn't be too surprised.

Reflexively, cause I like to do this with animals, I get it into what I like to call the "QT hold" (snicker). No, its not truly a hold like with wrestling or something like that. I just started running the energy and this pooch happened to like it a LOT. I say this because I often try running energy into my cat a lot with mixed results.

Not with this dog. This dog went down fast. It climbed up onto the couch with me and just lay flat and let me go to work. I do this for about... oh, 5 minutes maybe till everyone comes back. The owner, whom I hadn't versed in the details of how QT worked yet, wondered what I was doing. I explained it to her best I could for the moment. We were chatting about numerous things before I really got to explaining it.

Throughout the visit, I worked on the dog for bits of time. The owner was amazed because she said more than once that the dog was always hyper whenever there were visitors. Now, it was just conked out on the couch and snoring away. It was pretty funny. The best, however, was yet to come and I so wish the owner coulda heard this. The other friend that came with me did, but not the owner.

When the owner went up to check on her daughter at one point, the dog woke up for a moment and arched its back and head in a nice stretch. Then POP! A big crunchy pop emanated from its back that my friend and I heard quite clearly. We were absolutely shocked! We'd never heard a dogs back pop before, much less like that!

Even funnier, the dog sat in that position for several seconds as if was stuck there, just as surprised as we were by what just happened.

And of course, I worked on the owner as well. She had real shoulder troubles. I didn't even officially measure her. I just asked her where she hurt and she said her entire shoulder area.

So I placed my hands on her shoulders and started running the energy using some toning and deep sweeping techniques that were explained in the Supercharging book. Shortly after I started, I noticed my hands on her shoulders were highly uneven. The left one was higher than the right I believe.

I worked on her for about 7 minutes or so and she told me the pain moved to her right side, so I focused my efforts there. She said a tough ache emanated inside her shoulder/collar bone area as I worked on her. Then the pain moved into her neck.

I planned to work on that area, but we wound up talking about my theories of where the problem was and how it all worked. Then we started talking about a bunch of other stuff so we never got to it.

Nevertheless, she started moving around, twisting a bit and rolling her neck, creating all kinds of big pops and crunches.

The next day, I asked her how she and her dog was. She told me the dog has been very mellow and she actually slept real good all throughout the night.

So it wasn't my best healing performance, but it sure brought great results! Big Grin Get Started With QT Now >
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