posted 27 December 2011 05:36 PM

I just Learned QT yesterday by reading the Book.
I kept on practising the breathing exercises and running the energy yesterday.

Today I did some body awareness and other ttypes of meditative exercises.

I went online and was talking to a friend. She mentioned that she was feeling down because it was the fifth anniversary of her Moms death.

Immediately I felt energy running down my arms.
I knew that I had to send her energy. I had never sent some one energy before, much less at a distance. So I started running the energy and then I had to decide how to send it to her. I sent it to my hands and kind of visualised her in my mind. I also experimenting with lay my hands on the screen where I was typing to her.

In the end, she got a tremendous energy blast and asked me to stop after a few minutes. At the same time, I kind of felt the energy flow kind of taper off, so I knew it was time to stop too.
She said she felt better and much lighter and that it lifted her (mood).

So there it works! I have proved it.
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