Healing entity/spirit attachment with QT

Last week I had a past-life session with a client. Although according to her complains, it was clear for me that non-own energies (= entity/spirit attachments) were present, I decided to have a standard past-life session with her (bringing her back into a previous life/event).

I let her lie down on the bed and started with the induction...... since the beginning of the process she became quiet and did not respond to my instructions..... suddenly she shook her body heavily..... I tried to communicate verbally with her, but she did not respond verbally...... she shook her whole body very heavily and wildly.....

I was suspecting that this was a manifestation of entity attachment. I introduced myself and asked the entity to introduce itself....... the client kept shaking her whole body heavily and wildly, and suddenly started yelling loudly : "I did not want to come !!!"......... "they sent me, they forced me to come".......
"To where ?" I asked..... "Into the body of this girl, into her body !!!"...... she said.....
"For what reason ?" I asked........ "To harm her !!!.... to destroy her..... to destroy her life !!!...... I did not want to do that!!!.... I am trapped, in her body..... I want to go back to where I belong!!!"..........
She opened her eyes and stood up, and looked around wildly, with big and protruding eyes..... (like in the exorcist movies)... and asked "where am I ?"..... I calmly answered her question...... and I requested her calmly and respectfully to lie back on the bed.

I was aware that the answers I got was not from the client, but from the entity who was present. It was a terrifying event and I was alone, and there were no other therapists around me to assist me. I was wondering in what kind of adventure I was landing. Although I have experience in dealing cases with entities, I thought an ordinary past-life session would take a long time, since the entity behaved wildly and refused to communicate verbally with me, and it was already late at night.

I decided to use the Core techniques. I started the grounding and rooting exercise and the Core-breath, and stabilize my energy system, and bring myself in a calm and stable condition. I used imaginary hands and did the stream release technique on the whole body of the client, to get rid of all the emotions and tensions. After that I used the wombing technique for a while for the whole body of the client.

I sensed her body as taught in the Core workshop and could feel that the entity was a female. I asked the entity if it is a female, and confirmed it loudly. I asked her if she could feel the energy I am sending to her and if she accept it. She mentioned that she could feel the energy and requested loudly to pull her out from the body of the client with the power of GOD.

I convinced the entity that it is good for her to leave the body of the client, and to be free and to follow her own path, to the LIGHT, where she belongs. The entity agreed, although she did not want to go to GOD. I used the tractor beam technique to pull the entity out through the entrance in the body where she came in. I requested the entity to say the client good-bye before leaving her, and leave her with LOVE.

Finally I used the wombing technique for the entity, guiding her to leave the body of the client and to follow her own path, to the LIGHT..... she became calm after a while..... it looked like that she was sleeping..... and opened the eyes after a while..... I asked the client, who she was, with who I was taking with...... she mentioned her name, the name of the client.
The client was again in her own energy...... later on I did the wombing technique on the entrance in the body through where the entity came in, to have it healed.

I hope this is an interesting healing story for you.........

Many Love and Blessings,


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