Hiro & Kari's Healing Diary

Session #1 9/7/10 (10:30pm - 11:00pm)

This is the start of our QT Healing Sessions and I am keeping a diary because we have friends interested in following our QT journey and they can come here to read about our daily progress. Also other beginners like us, especially those who have loved ones with cancer, may be encouraged by reading our story of faith in Love's healing power.

This evening Hiro asked me for his first QT session. I have been reading about QT for one week and have been practicing the beginning breathing and energy sweeping techniques 2-4 hours a day, plus I just practiced today on my old, sick dog, who afterward started eating and drinking and even wanted to go for a walk.Smiler

To prepare myself for Hiro's healing session, I started breathing and feeling the energy moving through my body and out my hands. When I sensed the time was right,I went into the living room and asked Hiro to sit in a comfortable chair. I found that the most relaxing position for me was to sit on my knees in front of him.

I started breathing and mentally sweeping the energy through my body until I felt moved in my spirit to place my hands, ever so lightly, like a sandwich on Hiro's abdomen. Then I began to breath and feel the energy move through my body, up to the top of my head, out my head then back through my head and down my shoulders and arms, then out my hands into Hiro's body.

I breathed deeply using the 4-4 breathing technique. The longer and deeper I breathed the more peace, relaxation and energy I felt. I moved my hands a few times to different areas of Hiro's abdomen. I had no thoughts other than on my breath, the movement of energy and the light touch of my hands of Hiro.

What I believe really helped me to keep a clear awareness, with no distracting thoughts, was the advice I had read yesterday and today on the QT forum from seasoned practitioners. This advice really helped me to not be the doer, or healer or expect anything. I felt myself to be a vessel for the power of Love to flow through.

Focusing on the breath and energy flow really helped. I didn't project any of my own thoughts or feelings. I just relaxed and let the power of Love flow freely because I have faith that Love heals. I trust Love's healing process and want only to become a pure conduit for Love's healing work. Richard said in his QT book on page 32: "Healing work is all about Love." That is the key that unlocks all the mysteries! Smiler

I didn't know how long to keep the energy running into Hiro, but after awhile I just decided to stop. Hiro was relaxed and peaceful. I felt peaceful and energized.

I asked Hiro what he felt during the session and he said: "I felt a stirring. breaking up of stuff, like stuff being released. I felt it coming up and it made me want to throw up." I take this as a very good sign! Hiro also said: "It felt very good, as if poisons were being released."

So friends, this was a very enjoyable first QT session for both Hiro and I. I feel very thankful for this opportunity to be used as a channel for the healing work of Love. Thank you for your loving prayers and healing thoughts.

Love, Joy and Peace.

Session #2 9/8/10 (3pm-3:30 pm)

After I got back from work at 2 pm, Hiro told me he had diarrhea during the night and that his stomach was in severe pain. I asked him if he wanted a healing session. He did, so I spent an hour preparing myself and when I felt ready, Hiro laid down on the floor and I sat on the floor beside him.

Hiro said he had pain everywhere, not just the colon area. He said he thought yesterdays session may of stirred everything up.

I breathed until I felt ready (can't explain how I knew I was ready) then place my hand lightly on his stomach. I kept my mind clear of thoughts and had no expectations. I could hear and feel a soft rumbling sounds in his stomach.

I placed my hands where I heard the sounds moving. They kept moving around. How I could hear this, I really don't know. I had never heard sounds like this before. Hmmm...

I continued to do this, all the time breathing deeply. I didn't feel the energy go through my hands. All I felt were the grumbling sounds in Hiro's stomach, but I didn't think about them. Instead, I kept my focus on my breath and the light movement of my hands.

Then I did something intuitively, not in the book. I swept my hands lightly, over his whole stomach, in an upward and outward motion. Then the session ended. Hiro looked peaceful, so I quietly got up and left him laying on the floor.

I felt no drain of energy, just peace and tranquility.

Later, I asked Hiro how he felt and he said: "Much better!" He said he only felt only a light pain. That is so great!Smiler

I asked him if he wanted one more session tonight and he said yes. So this evening, I will again prepare myself by practicing the beginning breathing and sweeping exercises and study the QT book some more. Smiler

In the service of Pure Love,

Session #3 89/8/10 10pm - 10:30

Hiro lay on the floor. He said there was light pain everywhere in his stomach, no one place. So I laid me hands gently, breathed and started to ran energy through my hands and waited to feel something. After about 30 seconds I started to feel rumblings in his stomach and I placed one hand on top of the movement and the other hand in such a way so the energy would flow to the rumbling area too. Like enclosing it. As the rumbling shifted I moved my hands. I didn't physically hear any noise this time, only felt "stuff" moving around. There was so much "stuff" very active and I just kept my breath going and the energy flowing. I didn't try to move the energy through my hands, I just had faith that is what was happening, since Hiro's stomach was reacting so strongly.

Then my head started getting really hot, I have no idea why. At that point I thought of asking Hiro to help breath in the love, joy, peace and light and let go of everything negative on the out breath through his mouth.

Hiro took deep, breaths starting in his lower abdomen. He had the tendency to hold his breath for a few seconds before releasing the air out through his mouth. I told him to not hold the air in, rather relax and gently let the breath move in and out, 4-4. I told him to stop if it was work or not relaxing.

Then I continued my breathing and running energy where Hiro's stomach had movement. Eventually, the movements in his stomach were gone and I felt around with a light touch and there were none left.

I spoke to Hiro's Spirit about who he is - a perfect, whole, healthy and radiant spiritual light being. I spoke joy, peace, love and light into him and then left him to bask the spiritual energy.

Later in the evening I asked him how he was feeling and he said, "Much better! The pain has almost left me."Smiler

I am so thankful to our heavenly Father for the opportunity to become a channel for the healing power of His Love to flow through. Smiler

Session #4 9/9/10 5:00 - 5:30

Hiro was very stressed today and got easily agitated, due to financial problems. He wanted me to give him a short session in his business suit before his meeting. I made him take off his watch and leather belt. Our 18 year old son decided to watch. I had just finished cooking, so I didn't feel prepared spiritually.

I remember reading that Richard said it didn't matter how we felt, the QT would still work. Well, this was the test, I thought.

I stilled and cleared my mind with my breath and asked Hiro where the pain was. He said he didn't know exactly, just all over his stomach. He said it was just a light pain. So I started breathing and then lay my hands on his stomach and just breathed and ran the energy out my hands.

I didn't feel anything in my hands and then I experienced sharp back pain. I wondered why. Then I realized that I had a nylon bra on with metal clasps that was restricting the energy flow. I reached behind and unclasped my bra, then the energy started to flow and I no longer had any back pain. (Mental note: shop tomorrow for cotton underwear!) How did I know to do this? From my past training in hatha and kundalini yoga.

After that, I heard a noise in Hiro's stomach and placed my hand on it. Then I followed the shift until it all cleared up. This time I caught myself breathing out of my mouth instead of directing the energy through my hands. This was due to lack of focus.

At the close of the session I placed on hand on Hiro's forehead and one hand on his colon. I felt somehow they are connected to the problem. Maybe next time I will work on his head. Big Grin

Although,Hiro was in a business suit, I was unprepared, got distracted, and our son was watching us, Hiro and I were still energized and felt uplifted from the experience.Smiler

Session #5 9/14/10 1:30 - 2:30

Upon returning from my first Quantum Touch workshop.

Henri Rand's workshop in Osaka was fantastic and I received many valuable insights and applications. When I arrived home Hiro was in lots of pain and wanted a session. I applied what I had learned about spinning the chakras and slope breathing. I also used fire breathing to increase the vibrational frequency. Most importantly, I poured out my Love from the Source - my True Love of pure white light. Smiler

I started the session with him laying on his stomach and then had him turn over and asked him where the pain was. I sandwiched the pain, but saw it only as blocked energy - not the big "C" word. I kept increasing the vibrational frequency of the energy until I felt the blockage break up and move around slowly. I placed my hands gently over the movement. I felt the energy running through my hands and I kept on breathing and sending Love. I stopped after the work seemed completed for the day. I still don't understand how I knew this. It is just an intuitive "feeling" at this stage.

When finished, Hiro said he felt much better! He was well enough to go to a business meeting then go shopping and make dinner!Smiler

It is always hard to see loved ones make choices that we feel are not in their own best interest. Henri Rand really helped me to understand the importance of staying detached from the outcome. Sure I desire the most positive outcome in accordance with the Highest Good, however, it is up Hiro's "Inner Healer" to decide how the life-force energy that I sent to him is received and utilized - not me. Letting go, relaxing and enjoying the process, is what I need to remember to do.

I think I am still too results orientated. I must continually remind myself that am not the healer - Love IS.

Being a conduit of Love's life force, what better act of Love can there be? So thankful I am to be used in this way. I feel so much more joy and energy. Even those around me are responding differently to me. I seem to have more Love to share with everyone! Smiler

Please pray that Hiro listens to, trusts and obeys his "Inner Healer". Please pray that the healing energy and prayers sent to him will enable him to have the will power to overcome his fleshly desires and rise up to be the perfect, whole, spiritual light being he truly is. Please pray for his complete transformation of body, mind and soul. Please pray for Hiro's heart to open and for him to have joy, laughter and fun in his life.

I appreciate so very much your prayers and healing intentions! Smiler

In Love, Joy and Light,

September 14th session update:

Yesterday, Hiro was much more peaceful, more loving and more helpful. He said his stomach felt different and had just a little discomfort.

I couldn't give him a session yesterday and will give him a distant session now and then a hands-on one later today. His vibration has really become lighter.

Session #6 September 16, 2010 3:30 to 4:30

Hiro was awoken from sleep every two hours to go to the toilet. He was exhausted and in severe pain. He practically begged me for a session, which I so happy and thankful give him.Smiler

He lay on the bed on his back. I prayed and asked for assistance from the Highest Source of Universal Love & Light, whom I know to be my Beloved Father. I then moved up the Life-Force Energy through my feet, up my body, out my head into Loves Pure White Light and then down again through my head and out my hands, that I had lightly placed on Hiro's stomach. I continued to do this, using the breathing techniques I was taught recently. I used fire breath to raise higher and higher the frequency of my vibration, and then the slope breathing method I found to be very effective.

At first I didn't feel anything and then after one minute or so I felt rumblings and heard noises in Hiro's stomach. The energy was started to break up blockages in Hiro's stomach. This time the rumblings shifted and continued for one whole hour. I kept doing the fire breath every time the energy started to fade a little.

I also did chakra spinning and alignment,intuitively,as taught by Henri Rand, in her workshop, because I couldn't actually see the colors. Henri said that just placing our intent on the different chakras would start them spinning, so that is what I did. Both up and down.

Also I placed one hand on Hiro's heart and one hand on his stomach. When I did this I could hear strange sounds in Hiro's stomach. Later I asked Hiro if he heard the sounds and he said "No." Was I hearing these sounds with my physical ears? Hmmm... When I cupped the place where I heard the noise, the noise would get louder and then either subside or move to a different location. However, at each location there was a different noise. Hmmm...

This process lasted a very long time (so it seemed to me) and I had to keep shifting my body to keep relaxed. I allowed my mind to enjoy the Bliss of Pure White Light and bring through on the breath Bliss, Joy, Love, Peace and Appreciation. Sometimes I spoke these words to Hiro as the energy was sent to him.

At one stage of this process a huge,sweeping smile was on my face. When I realized that my face was smiling broadly, I was surprised. The smile was relaxed, not forced, and remained on my face for quite awhile. I can't really describe this experience adequately, for I have no reference point to compare it with. Henri Rand did teach about how laughter & smiling is a powerful resonant factor. This smile was on my face without my conscious effort. This amazed me. It was like I was detached from my body, watching my body. My body was the channel through which the life-energy flowed. It was this life-force energy that gave my body a big, continuous smile. Big Grin

My mind also used visualizations, such as seeing Hiro as a perfect, pure, healthy infant, the first son, being held by his adoring and loving mother.

I also asked Hiro to visualize a very happy time, such as holding his son for the first time.

This session was my first one hour session. The others had been 1/2 hour. I kept going because I kept feeling and hearing stuff moving inside Hiro's stomach and chest. After one hour the noises and movement subsided. I placed my hands gently everywhere, checking to make sure all was quiet and peaceful. Then the session was finished.

I wanted Hiro to listen to one happy song of Love before he got up. While he lay there listening I did something very unusual and not a QT practice.

I stood up and waved the energy up and out, like cleaning up and expanding Hiro's aura. I joyfully swept waves of energy in the air, above Hiro's body, in tune with the music. I call it "energy wave dancing". Smiler

After the song was over, I left Hiro resting on the bed with his eyes closed.

Later that evening I asked him how the session was. He said that he had fallen into a very deep sleep for one hour and said he then felt so much better. His pain had left him. I felt so thankful for this and rejoiced in the healing process Hiro and I are experiencing together.Smiler

Session #7, September 20th 3am

In the early evening,Hiro was so angry after talking to our 18 year old son, that won't listen to him and angry at me for my "wise" advice that he didn't want to hear, that his pain increased to level 8, his aura became very dark and he went out to a local café' to drown his sorrows in sweet potato alcohol.Frowner

When he came back he watched TV until past midnight and then he was in such severe pain that he couldn't sleep. I asked him, around 3am, if he wanted a session and he said, "Yes please".

This was by far the most difficult session because Hiro had so much anger pent up in his body and it felt to me like evil spirits had attached themselves to his angry aura, when he went out drinking.

I felt a repulsion in my spirit and didn't even want to touch Hiro. However, I prayed to the Source of all love and light for help and tried hard to raise my vibrational energy strong enough through the many resonant factors Henri Rand had taught me, so I wouldn't be sucked down into Hiro's vibrational level.

I started working on Hiro downstairs, but his energy was so bad that I was having a really hard time breaking through (if that makes any sense.)So I told Hiro to come upstairs to my private meditation room, in 10 minutes.

I went upstairs and prepared myself, by practicing the vortex exercise Henri Rand had taught me. I imagined a very huge column of white light entering from my 12th chakra and down to my 8th chakra, below my feet. I visualized being surrounded by this column of light, like a light shield. (I now know, looking back, that the light was my protective shield.)

After Hiro lay down I didn't touch him. Instead I first started sweeping the black energy "spirits" out of his aura. I couldn't see them, I only felt them. They repulsed me, but I just flicked them off like taking leeches off someone. They were absolutely disgusting.

I had never done this kind of work before and had no intellectual clue what I was doing, but my inner spirit was leading me, so I felt no fear nor confusion. Somehow I just "knew" what to do and acted in faith and love.

This "aura cleansing process" lasted only a few minutes, then I washed my hands and stood and did body sweeps, fire breathing and slope breathing until I felt my hands tingling with electricity. I then sat down and placed my fingertips on each side of Hiro's spine and went up and down his chakras, while breathing and sweeping.

Then, after about 10 minutes, Hiro said: "I think my back pain is connected with my stomach" and he turned over for me to touch his stomach.

I touched his stomach in various places but didn't feel much of anything. I heard only one deep,dark growling noise. After about 5 minutes I stopped because I just didn't know what to do next. I just didn't feel much of anything. So I asked Hiro how he felt. He said "I feel much better. All my pain in my back and stomach is gone. Thank you so much!Big Grin

I could hardly believe it! The entire session lasted around 20 minutes and Hiro was in a very dark mental state and in intense pain when we started. I am absolutely amazed and so thankful to my Beloved Heavenly Father - the Source of all goodness, power, wisdom and love!Smiler

Session #8 September 25, 2010

Hiro was in severe pain and continual diarrhea which I intuitively feel is from his medications. Soon after I placed my hands on him his stomach made very loud rumbling noise. The session only lasted about 10 to 15 minutes because Hiro said he had to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he wanted more energy, and he said that was enough and that it would take a little while the energy to work. Hmmm...he seems to of figure out how much energy his body needs. I will check back with him later and see if the pain is actually all gone. Smiler Update:This morning Hiro told me that all his pain is gone and he only had to go to the toilet once during the night! Smiler This is so great, especially because we have a close friend of Hiro's arriving from Hawaii today and Hiro feels well enough to pick him up at the airport and entertain him!

The session was only 10-15 minutes! Wow! Praise to the Divine Source from which all energy flows! Smiler

Session #9-#10 October 12-13 Healing the mind & heart

Now I understand that for Hiro's body to be healed, his mind and heart need to be healed first. Richard told us:


"People's beliefs are the most stuck part of their lives....Beliefs create attitudes, which shape our thoughts and feelings. It is these thoughts and feelings that determine our choices and decisions."

Richard taught us a method of shifting core beliefs "more easily than I ever imagined possible."

Only QT1 seems to help relieve Hiro's pain, but the pain always returns, along with bursts of anger and rage. After he ran away to the mountains to die, he confessed to me that he ran away in shame. So I knew that a core belief he has is that his life only matters if he is successful in business, can provide well for his family and give his son a fine education. His core belief is that his life has no value and no one can respect and love him, without him achieving material success -which he used to have, but he was now loosing. So Hiro is driven to work and work, with no thought to the care of his body. That is why he never went to the doctor when the first signs of cancer appeared, years ago. He only went to the doctor when he started passing blood in his urine.

Even now, Hiro can't think of eating food if he has business to attend to. This core belief is in fact killing him. Hiro wants to live, wants to be healed, but can not stop doing things that are actually causing him to die faster. What to do to help Hiro? I think many men hold the same core belief - the amount of money you have determines your self-worth.

So I decided to try to help Hiro shift his core beliefs with Richard's QT2 core belief shifting meditation.

I first had to think about what the opposite of shame is in order to pose a positive question to my 10th chakra, which is the seat of our higher self.

Richard said: "Ask a question with love and sincerity from your heart, to that part of you that loves you more than you know"

Richard said:"The energy of the higher self,from our perspective,looks like God. It is Love beyond imagination. All we can become are encompassed in the Higher Self."

October 14-15, 2010 Healing of Mind & Heart continues

So I decided to try to help Hiro shift his core beliefs with Richard's QT2 core belief shifting meditation. I first had to think about what the opposite of shame is in order to pose a positive question to my 10th chakra, which is the seat of our higher self.

I asked the One Divine Infinite One, I call my Father, the question from the 10th chakra. I asked: "What is the energy/essence of freedom from shame?" Actually it wasn't a good question because it was asking how to get rid of something. I just didn't know how to make it positive.

What I have learned recently,upon self-examination and seeking wisdom, that people who feel shame either feel undeserving to receive love or unable to give love. Sometimes they feel so blocked they can't even feel love. I went through a self-inquiry process with this question and didn't get a solid answer until this morning. My question had to be changed to a positive one in order to create real change of beliefs.

This morning the answer came through simply and clearly - Divine, unconditional, unlimited Love! Just what the entire QT2 workshop is all about. Hiro needs to feel that he is unconditionally loved, regardless of how much money he has, how successful he is, what problems he has, etc. Hiro needs to feel so unconditionally loved that this Love breaks the chains, blockages, of his old belief system. Then Hiro will be set free and hopefully he will receive his healing.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you work on someone else that you benefit and get healed too? I feel my own heart blockages being removed. There are a few people that I was unable to love unconditionally. I realized that I was refusing to love unconditionally because they couldn't understand me and discouraged me and dragged me down. However, now I see that it is I who was at fault for allowing them to drag me down. I didn't have the tools before QT to stop people from affecting me with their energy and thoughts. I still get dragged down sometimes or can't be around certain people, but I am slowly getting better. Now I see it is about Loving Unconditionally - without any expectations or limitations - with full acceptance and no desire to change the person or manipulate them to get what I want. THIS IS A HUGE STEP FORWARD FOR ME! So my heart is being healed too, along with Hiro's. Big Grin

OK, I am now ready to ask Father from my 10th Chakra, "What is the energy/essence of Divine Unconditional Love and then send that energy through my heart and through Hiro's chakras, until they each open up, release all blockages and allow the Divine Unconditional Love to flow. Richard said:"...We need to be patient with certain themes to allow them to continue to evolve... Beliefs are more like a forest than a single tree... Reinforce your question with related questions..."

Well I am ready to start, now that I know the correct question to ask. I am learning that we should have complete faith and never underestimate the power of Pure Infinite Divine Love.

The first day of Richard's workshop, Richard told us that

"...We need to be patient with certain themes to allow them to continue to evolve... Beliefs are more like a forest than a single tree... Reinforce your question with related questions..."

Richard said:"...Heart energy changes everything. I am changing the world just by focusing my love."

UPDATE on HIRO's CONDITION, posted 03 November 2010 01:33 PM

Hiro and I have been very busy closing our International School. It has been a real stressful time for us and all the families involved. I have started teaching private English classes to make ends meet and my very first students, eight years ago, have been giving me so much loving support. Also, I have 2 very powerful guardian angels in human form, that have come beside me to help me through this most trying of times. Therefore, even though things on the outside appear to be shattered, I feel tremendously blessed and full of gratitude for all the love we are receiving.

Hiro is still working every day with our school closure, which is very time-consuming. He is still acting like a Kamikaze pilot of a suicide mission. In one week he plans to stay home and rest for two weeks. It is during this time that I will be concentrating once again on activating his body's DNA through love, to heal itself.

For the last few months, the most unusual thing has been happening. The bottom of my right foot hurts off and on. Sometimes it is hard to walk on it. When I asked within myself why this was happening,my inner voice said, "When you feel pain in your heel, send healing energy through your heart to Hiro." So I started doing that. When my heel has pain I send healing energy long distance to Hiro and the pain in my heel goes away! My heel knows when Hiro needs energy! Big Grin I have a healing heel! Big Grin Usually when I go to his room, my heel starts hurting the most. I bring the energy up through my feet from the 8th chakra to my 10th chakra and then back down and out my heart to Hiro (if long distance) or out my hands, if he is in the room. Then the pain in my foot subsides. I think my healing heel is my way to keep in touch with Hiro. We are both so busy now in the world that it is easy to forget about his physical needs. So when his energy needs a boost,I know it and can send him the energy he needs to keep going. What Amazing Grace! Smiler

Please pray for Hiro's bowel functions to be healthy and normal. Please pray I am given wisdom to know what best to do during Hiro's two weeks at home. He has chosen to not go to the hospital and have chemo. I am going to try every natural means available to me. Richard suggested I try the methods taught in the self-healing workshop to remove emotional blockages. However, I am unable to take that workshop, so I will just work from the heart chakra and pour as much love into him as he will accept. Pray Hiro realizes his life is of value and that he deserves to live, be loved and love.

Thank you QT "fambly"Smilerfor your loving support during this most challenging time in our lives. I am so very grateful for everyone who is sending their love our way. Please forgive me for not posting as often as I used to. I just am much more busy now. I appreciate you not forgetting about us. Smiler I hope to post next about Hiro's miraculous healing!

Lots of Love & Peace & Light & Bliss, posted 20 January 2011 12:37 PM Hide Post

In March 2010, my husband Hiro went to the doctor for the first time. He was told that they needed to give him a full body scan. As he lay on the gurney awaiting the scan, he heard, as if over the loud speakers, the most beautiful, soft instrumental rendition of the song Amazing Grace. He listened and went into a deep sleep. When he awoke a nurse was standing next to him and Hiro asked her: "Does this room play soft music over the loud speakers?" She said "No". Angels were with my husband that day and when later he received the news that he had 4th stage colon cancer, Hiro had peace in his heart, for he felt his Heavenly Father's Amazing Grace upon Him. So that is why I chose the name Amazing Grace.

On January 13th at approx. 3:30am Hiro's healing journey on earth came to an end. As painful as it is to see our loved ones choose to die, rather than take the steps necessary to live, it is their choice and I have learned that we must honor everyone's free will, no matter how hard it is to accept at the time. It was Hiro's time to move on, and as much as we miss him, we had to let him go with our love and blessings.

Hundred's of people came to Hiro's funeral. The outpouring of love was astounding. Hiro was honored for his service to the community and was loved by many, many people.

Hiro spent ten days in the hospital. I slept on a cot beside him and did what I could to comfort him. For a few days he was in extreme pain and it was very hard to bear. He would not receive any healing energy. He chose to suffer instead. I couldn't sleep at all during this time. My sister, son and I would take turns being by his side. His breathing was strained and he tossed and turned in discomfort. I pleaded with the doctor to up his pain medicine. He said there was nothing more he could do. So I prayed that Father would end his suffering and take him Home.

Hiro's mother had lost her husband to cancer when he was in his 50's and now Hiro her eldest son...we just held each other and wept.

On the last day of Hiro's life on earth his breathing changed and became very peaceful. For the first time I was actually able to fall asleep on a cot beside his bed.

At around 2:30am on January 13th, the nurse awoke me. Hiro's blood pressure had dropped to 68/30 and we knew Hiro was about to leave us. I called my son and he called the other family members. Around 20 family members rushed to his side to say their last farewells. The doctor asked me if I wanted him to give Hiro something to raise his blood pressure. I said no, it is time for him to go Home.

Hiro's mouth, under the oxygen mask, was turned up in a slight smile and his eyes stared upward in amazement and awe. I read to him Psalm 23 and his favorite song Amazing Grace was playing in the background. I gently kissed him goodbye and told him not to worry. Joshua and I would be just fine.

After Hiro's last breath, Joshua remained by his side and asked to be left alone. He sat there with his father for awhile and then took his father's silver cross off his neck and put it on himself. That was the cross I gave Hiro in March 2010 after he had heard Amazing Grace playing in the hospital and the doctors gave him less than six months to live. However, Hiro remained active and working, until January 3rd,2011 - when his pain became unbearable and he couldn't breath very well. It was then I knew that he needed to go to the hospital and would never come home again.

I am thankful that Hiro was able to be with us as long as he was. I am thankful that with QT I was able to help relieve some of his pain.

Through this healing process I have learned more than I could of ever imagined, especially how important it is to love and heal ourselves.

Thank you dear QT fambly for all your loving support. Our hearts are knitted together in Love forever.

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