Hips on a QT Workshop

I was giving a Quantum Touch Level 1 Workshop, and a student measured another one’s hips, we noticed that they were not aligned, the right one was 1 inch higher. The student runned energy and after a couple of minutes the hips were aligned.

After some time, as an exercice, the hips were measured again and were back to square 1, one inch. As the intention at that moment was just to establish a protocol , we moved on.

Later, maybe half an hour or 45 minutes latter, the hips was measured again and there was no difference, the hips were aligned!

Sunday morning I asked how did they (students) sleep. The lady said it was the first time in weeks that she had no pain at all, and slept....

She called me last night and said she went downtown an WALKED for almost an hour without pain. Before QT she couldn't touch ground with her right heel, now it's ok, she can walk again without any pain at all.


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