My 3 grandchildren, ages 5, 11 and 13 were visiting and had just gotten out of our spa in the back yard.  The 5 year old called excitedly to the other two to look on the ground and there were two young humming birds lying on the ground motionless! The 11 year old said, "Grandma, they are out of energy!" He seemed very sure of this, so next thing we did was gently pick them up and place their long tiny beaks into some sugar water in a saucer. You could actually see them syphoning the water!. We placed a paper towel on the edge of the saucer and soon  one of them was flapping his wings.  I had already started sending QT and asked the grandkids to send energy with their minds as well. Within an hour, one of the hummers flew up to the roof and then to the nearby tree. It took a few hours longer for the second bird, but before the afternoon was over, he was actually sitting on my finger like a pet and then flying back to the tree as well. The three grandkids felt very good about saving the lives of those two little "hummers"!

Grandma Linda
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