posted 20 June 2008 09:42 PM
Dear QT Friends,

I have not actively participated in this forum for a while, however I have read the posts regularly, and frequently I practice QT.

I have started about five weeks ago in having QT sessions with a seven year old boy suffering from severe scoliosis. The Dr. has considered to have a surgery operation on his spine, however the parents prefer to try other alternative healing methods.

Attached I have pictures showing the difference in the shape of the body of the boy after having four sessions in five weeks.

In the beginning I was a little impatient since I did not notice any (spectacular) change.
After comparing the pictures taken within these five weeks I am now convinced, and also the parents of the boy, that QT is effective in the treatment of the scoliosis of the boy.

Thanks for reading this post.
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Dear Wendy, Cris, Daybreak, Christina, Holy and Kweden,

Thank you for your response, interest, encouraging words and advice.
The parents of the boy noticed the scoliosis about two years ago, when it was already severe. He is treated by physiotherapist already for the last one and a half year up to now, once every two weeks (stretching exercises) and he swims twice a week.

Apart from the abovementioned ones there are no other treatments involved and I conclude that the change in the posture is mainly due to QT. My sessions are weekly for the time being.

Compared with one month ago, according to the family of the boy he is now feeling better, is much more lively, breathing is easier, having much more apatite with a slightly increase in weight. The boy himself answers that he feels good if I ask him how he feels.

Attached I have added a picture I have taken today of the boy. Perhaps the time period is to short to compare, however I think there are some little changes compared with last week. The body looks much more naturally and some small changes in right shoulder blade.
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Dear Cassandra, Herma, Sha and Ankhesen,
Thank you for your response, interest, advice and encouraging words.

Attached I have a picture of the most recent result, after less than 3 months sessions. In the previous set of subsequent pictures, the last picture was the one of 26 June. I deleted the picture of 20 June and have added the picture of the posture of the boy which I made yesterday after the weekly session.

After comparing the pictures I notice that the right shoulder blade is now at the same height as the left one, it still needs to rotate. The spine seems to be straighter and also the right chest. He also seems to be taller, again, which is confirmed by the parents. Unfortunately I did not measure his height at the very beginning of the first sessions.
The parents have mentioned that the appetite of the boy has increased; his weight has increased slightly. He is playing almost the whole day with his sisters and friends.

It was a great idea of Christina, where she mentioned somewhere else in this forum to take pictures before and after the sessions.
Now I have evidence of my own QT-experience. Nowadays I use these pictures to convince people here the effect of QT-healing. People here who were skeptical about QT (including myself) start now in believing in the power of this healing method. I have shown also the pictures to my colleagues hydrologist, engineers and scientists, also of the university here, and also to some (younger) medical doctors. They wonder how I manage to do this, and I answer: “just by touching”.

Indeed the boy and his parents are lucky they have met me, and now they trust on the QT-healing completely. The father once mentioned to me that people who practice QT are like “God on earth”. Of course we are not God.
I myself am much luckier, to meet QT on my life-path and you all, being able to practice QT now.

By the way it is a special day today: 08-08-08

Many Love and Blessings,
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Dear All,

It is longer than a year ago that I have had the last QT session with the 7 year old client. Recently I have phoned his mother. She mentioned that recently x-ray photograhs have been made of the boy. According to the physician the posture of the boy has not become worst during the last period (since my last session). The boy is busy, playing almost the whole day.

The sessions were not continued since the boy is living remote from me and the parents are busy and having some problems with transportation. We intend to continue the sessions at the beginning of next year

Since last year I have had several clients with scoliosis and pains in the back and the neck, however less severe. In most cases I could see the first corrections in the posture of the client after the first or first few sessions, and pains reduce after the first session.

Regarding to questions about the abovementioned healing sessions I would mention that I had about ten sessions of about one to one and a half our weekly. I applied just the basic QT, since at that time I was not familiar with the advance QT techniques yet. During the sessions I mainly run the energy at the whole spine of the boy and at his shoulder and hips, using my sense.

Many Love and Blessings,
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