posted 02 July 2010 02:45 PM
On the second day of the QT 2 class I walked to a nearby resturant. As I was walking, an elderly woman was limping toward me. I was so busy thinking about the techniques we were taught in class, I almost didn't notice her. As she passed, I realized that her feet were hurting her. On a whim I decided to try one of the QT 2 techniques. The woman limped 3 steps and then stopped limping for a few steps. I was looking at her from the back, as she looked down at her feet and immediatley started to limp again. I kept up with the technique and in 2 steps the limp once again went away. After 3 regular steps, the woman stopped and looked down at her feet for a second. She shook her head and walked away with no limp. I am liking this technique. Get Started With QT Now >
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