posted 07 June 2003 09:35 AM
Quantum Touch has been very handy in my acupuncture office. Several times the receptionists (who work for the other acupuncturist in the office) have complained of neck pain but didn't have time to get an acupuncture session. I just ran the energy for a few minutes and "voila"-- they felt better!

I find the "yin breath" (taught in the Core Transformation class) to be very effective for relieving sinus congestion. One of the receptionists had a bad head cold with a lot of sinus pressure. I did the yin breath on her sinus area, thinking about helping her sinuses "find space". They started to drain and the pressure was greatly reduced. I have used this on a patient, and Alain as well.

Now I've got a reputation among the office staff for my "magic hands"! Get Started With QT Now >
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