posted 21 June 2003 01:38 PM
I must have exercised too hard about 20 years ago because I hurt the quadriceps muscle of my right leg. The only time it bothered me was when I tried to stretch backwards, and I�d feel like there was a sharp tearing and burning feeling in my thigh. This problem has persisted all these years, and it has taken a lot of the joy out of yoga and various exercises.

Jennifer worked on me twice yesterday for a total of about 25 minutes using Quantum-Touch in combination with Myofascial Release work. The combination did the trick. I�m about 85% better now, and I can do lots of stretches that were impossible for me just yesterday.

This work is amazing!!!

posted 21 June 2003 10:49 PM    Hide Post
Here is a follow up on the last post. Jennifer worked on me again today for another 15 minutes. Actually she gave me about five 3 minutes sessions. After each short session, I got up to see how far I could stretch, and I could go back farther each time I tried with the pain moving to a different position. (For those unfamiliar with Quantum-Touch, we call it chasing the pain.)

I now have only the slightest hint of tightness in my thigh. Think, 20 years of feeling like I'm tearing my thigh when I exercise, and now it's 97% better after less than an hour of work.

posted 24 June 2003 01:45 PM    Hide Post
Jennifer has worked on my thigh a couple more times for about 5-10 minutes each time. It's 100% now. Wow - 20 years of problems effortlessly handled in days. Get Started With QT Now >
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