Monday night we had a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of QT at home. My husband, Lew, was getting dinner out of the oven. Somehow in the process, he accidentally grabbed the metal rack with his bare hand. He instantly pulled his hand away leaving skin from the fingertips stuck to the hot rack.

I heard all this and flew into the kitchen. We keep pure lavender spray in the fridge for burns, so first thing, I sprayed that on the burns. Then I slathered Vita Fons II (ointment) on it. Then he shook his hand over his head as our acupressurist has suggested for such problems.

That was all between about 6:55-7:15 pm. He was in a lot of pain and I said let's run energy. He was hurting so badly he could barely sit still for me to do it.

His big concern other than pain was that we have several projects due and he was afraid he wouldn't be able to type at the computer.

Without touching his fingers, I cupped the fingertips between my hands and started running energy. He was definitely at a 10.

It was hard to convince him to sit long enough to let the energy do its work, but he stayed. It didn't take long. In just a few minutes he reported it was beginning to reduce somewhat. By about 7:25 the pain was significantly decreased.

At first the energy felt hot to him, which wasn't exactly what he was hoping for, but apparently it didn't add to the pain, just the sensation of temperature. That didn't last long. Then I pictured blue in the field he immediately reported a cool sensation. By 7:30 it was down to a 2-3. I also ran some energy into his solar plexus to counter the shock.

Much to his amazement, by about 7:35 there was no pain, just some sensitivity. He could actually rub the fingertips with no pain.

By the time we were done about 7:40, the fingers were not only ok, but he was again calm and composed.

There had been several blisters forming that over the next little while just receded. We marveled that where the skin had been pulled off, it appeared that new skin was already " knitting" over the open wound. There was only one blister that actually formed on the side of one finger and it broke sometime before he went to bed.

Within a few hours, even the slight sensitivity was gone.

I have only been doing this a couple of weeks. Thank goodness you don't have to be an expert for the energy to flow. It helps a newcomer like me to realize you don't have to be perfect to be effective.

Healing is believing.

All the best to all of you in the QT community,


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