Oncology Nurse Uses Hands On Healing To Reduce Pain

Dear Quantum Touch

I know this is long, but please bear with me.

I am a Registered Nurse from Houston, Texas.  A few weeks ago I became interesting in trying to heal someone using only my hands.  I'm a huge skeptic, but try to keep an open mind.  I did a web search for hands on healing and found your site.  I bought your book, Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon.  I found he made a lot of bold claim. But still I kept an open mind.

I had just finished reading Chapter 3 when a neighborhood kid fell off his skate board and was in a lot of pain.  So I thought why no give it a shot - I did the breathing like was in the book, put my hands over the pain sites and within five minutes the pain was gone.  One kid watching said, "Wow that was amazing! Do you know magic?"  I said, "Yes and don't you forget it."

Okay so last weekend I worked Fri Sat Sun. 12-hr shifts.  I thought okay let me try out my new hands on healing skill and see how it really works.  I am an oncology nurse and work on a cardiovascular thoracic surgery floor.  My patients this week include lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and colon cancer surgery patients. Here are my results.

1. Colon cancer patient entire large intestine removed the day before.  Managed his pain, nausea and headache using only Quantum Touch.  Night shift had to use Dilaudid and Zofran multiple times.  He said, "I dont know what you are doing, but it really works.  All nurses should be trained to do it."

2.  Esophageal patient had an esophagectomy the day before.  Involved the esophagus being removed and stomach pulled up into the chest.  Has three chest tubes, NGT and foley catheter. Huge 18 inch abdominal incision.  Nine inch back incision.  PCA for pain control.  In three days I had to give only one bolus from the PCA.  The rest was managed though Quantum Touch hands on healing sessions.  Patient said, "It feels like warmth on the inside. I can feel healing inside when you are touching me.  When my left side hurts (from two chest tubes), I can feel the pain just melt away after about 30 seconds."  Night nurse required multiple doses of PCA for pain control.

3.  Esophageal patient's wife has a bad knee uses a walker.  I offered to help.  After 2 min of Quantum touch, she said, "I could feel the pain just washing away."  She didn't need her walker the rest of the day.

4.  Another nurse calls me into her room to do a 2 nurse PCA bolus. Patient appears to have uncontrollable severe pain from kidney stone.  While she is giving a PCA bolus, I put my hand to where he says it hurts. After about 30 seconds the pain just went away.  (The PCA takes about 15 min to work so it was not the PCA).

5.  Another nurse calls me into her room to do a 2 nurse PCA bolus.  Patient appears in uncontrollable pain from chest tube left side. I touch her side, took several breaths and the pain it gone.

6.  I go see my Mom yesterday.  She had swollen dozens of lumps  under her skin which are very painful.  I think they were swollen lymph nodes.  I placed my hands on her thighs (though her clothes not even coming into direct contact with the skin, did my breathing and well I cant really explain what happened.  The pain is gone and so are all the lumps.

7.  Another nurse's patients lung which was collapsed spontaneously reinflated. I don't know if it was from what I did or not. Patient said it was.  But I did lay my hands on the area where the lung was collapsed an hour before she went for chest x ray.  Had it not reinflated on its own, they were going to have to put a chest tube back in.

8.  My turn.  I finished reading the book!  Chapter five talks about Chakra.  So I did the breathing exercises; the full spectrum one chakra at a time.  Well I cant really explain the feeling. The most incredible, unusual feeling I ever had.  Sense of peace and well being. Tingling all over thebody. Currently, I'm trying to get rid of fat, varicose vein and winkles.

Thank you again.  It definitely has changed my life and my nursing practice.  I do not fully understand how this works, but it is easy to learn and it really does work.

Sharon R Vining, RN BSN OCN
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Clinical Nurse
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Houston, Texas

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