Quantum-Touch Students Discover The Power Of Their Love

I discovered years ago that running energy into very tart fruit juice (such as unsweetened grapefruit) demonstrates the effectiveness of Quantum Touch in a powerful way. I use this in my demonstrations and lectures, and when teaching the Live Level 1 class in Hawaii, I have student's practice this for themselves.

Always they can taste the difference when they sip the "before" and "after" versions. After a minute of energy work, the juice has less surface tension, is smoother, tastier. But in one class recently, I got a huge reminder from one of the students that I've never forgotten.

The grapefruit juice I had bought for that class was particularly sour. When the class tasted the uncharged juice, everyone's faces grimaced.  That juice definitely needed help!  So we all began running energy in our juice samples and in less than two minutes, tasted the result. There was a definite improvement.  "It's more mild."  "Smooth."  "Less bite."

One participant said, "Mine is very sweet."  Everyone turned and looked at her, because although we had all tasted a difference, no one else had said their juice was sweet. We all must have had doubtful expressions on our faces because she smiled and said, "Taste it." She passed her juice around and we each took a sip.  Sure enough, it was really sweet.

"What did you do?" I asked her.  "Oh, I just thought about my children and how much I loved them."  The power of her love had imparted a sweetness that had truly transformed the juice.

We have many ways we can run energy using Quantum Touch, but nothing takes the place of an opened heart.

Henri Rand Furgiuele
Certified Practitioner and Instructor for QT Levels 1 and 2 & Self-Created Health
Honolulu, Hawaii

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