The Role of Intuition For A Quantum-Touch Practitioner

The importance of intuition to a Quantum-Touch practitioner cannot be overemphasized. Intuition is our connection between the Divine at the spiritual level and our subconscious mind on the physical level. Its function is to provide us with direction when we ask for it and sometimes even when we don't. Our challenge as alternative healers is to recognize its subtle message and act on it when it comes.

When we do healing work on ourselves and others, we rely on our intuition, our subconscious connection to the Divine, to guide us. Richard Gordon teaches us that we connect to our spirits through our 10th chakra and I have had other teachers who believe this as well. When clients tell me what kind of healing they need, my healing technique is to use my intent to raise my energy to my 10th chakra and then rely on my intuition to receive direction on how to proceed.

Experience has taught me that I must bypass my logical left brain for my subconscious brain to have unfiltered access to guidance through my 10th chakra. This access allows me to pass loving energy through my hands and heart chakra to whoever is in the field of my intent. This can be someone in my presence, at a distance or even a whole roomful of people. It's the unqualified love that carries the energy and allows the healing to take place.

My job as a natural healer is to trust the guidance I receive through my intuition and act on it without question or doubt even though there are times when it does not seem to be working. I know that the energy is never wasted because sometimes a deeper layer needs to heal before the most apparent problem can be healed.

This is how Quantum-Touch works and, for me, the most compelling thing is how this natural healing technique is available to anyone who wishes to learn how to use it. Receivers don't even have to believe in it”they simply have to be open to the possibility that their life-force energy can use this love to heal itself.

Our job as Quantum-Touch Practitioners is to assure our clients that the healing power of love can only make them feel better if they allow it to do so. Our intuition and Quantum-Touch training will then guide us to offer our loving energy for their highest and best good.

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