Hands On Healing Story: Drugs and Alcohol

Hi guys!  Just a quick word, as I am very new at this. I was so pleased when I was able to apply the hands on healing I learned with Quantum-Touch.

We were away in the caravan for a few weeks and became friends with a very nice guy about 37. He came to our camp one night intoxicated with drugs and alcohol.  He was in a bad way, yelling about his childhood and his life as it is now full of bad memories. One of our guys took him back to his hut, they were gone for a long time, so I went over to see if both were ok.

Irish, as he called himself was a mess - very high and out of control. I felt so sad for him and I walked over to give a motherly hug. I started to wonder if Quantum-Touch would help, and could I do it?  We got him to sit on the bed and I started using hands on healing to run energy to his head. Within 1 min he became quiet. I continued running energy and within 5 mins he was calm, and almost asleep.

We went back to our camp site almost in disbelief, when 15 mins later Irish walked very calmly over to us, just as if he were sober, came to me hugged me and said,  "what ever you did I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will sleep well tonight." He did and came back the next day for more hands on healing. It was one of the best things that happened on my vacation.

Now I know I can do it!


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