Quantum-Touch hands on healing aids in healing broken wrist

On July 2nd of this year my daughter, Julie,  fell and landed on her wrist, breaking it.

We were told that it was most likely a Distal Radius Fracture which can take over a year to completely heal.  As I have no insurance she was told to just keep it still.

On the 12th of July she finally asked me to do Quantum Touch hands on healing  as she couldn't use it at all and it was really hurting her.  I did the womb technique and filled it with healing energy, then I bandaged it with the Copper, Silver, Gold mesh bandage from one inch above her wrist to the tips of her fingers and thumb.

On the 15th she went to a concert and was pain free.  I continued the treatments every four days for three weeks.  She started using her wrist the first week and it is now completely healed.

Quantum-Touch is a miracle.

Thank you for making this healing modality available.

Peace and love,

Janine Boe

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