Helping People Heal Using Hands On Healing

When I first started out in this field people would ask What is it that you do ?  I would proceed to give a lengthy overview of all of my credentials and I would in return get back this blank stare.  Life and experience have a way of changing things and now when the question is asked, I just simply state  I help people heal themselves .

I have this large array of tools and there is something for nearly everyone.  One of the tools I have a great passion for and the one I incorporate the most is a hands on healing modality developed by Richard Gordon called Quantum-Touch.

Quantum-touch is focusing and amplifying life-force energy.  Simply put, as the practitioner raises their vibration or resonance using breathing and self-awareness techniques, the client moves up or entrains to them, as the practitioner goes higher, the client follows and that accelerates healing, the clients biological intelligence takes the energy where it is needed.

Its not complicated, thats one of the things to love about it, it has the ability to heal at all levels, its easy to learn, easy to do and extremely effective.  There are times when I think I harbor one of the best-kept secrets.  I teach this and I work with it every day and I watch these amazing processes taking place and I often wonder, why doesnt everyone know about this? Why isnt everyone doing this?

Keeping in mind that how quickly a person heals is due in part to variables we do not control. The client is the real healer not the practitioner, we simply offer the Quantum-Touch and allow their system to do it's best.  The transformations that I have had the privilege to facilitate have been remarkable.

Take Jeanette, for instance, diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, and headaches every day and a stress level of 9, she is symptom free, no headaches, has no more troubles with her sinuses and says she has a positive outlook and life flows much easier.

Then there is Maggie, I met her while presenting at a Fibromyalgia Support group, and, basically, Maggie just hurt all over.  At the time she was just starting with Isagenix, Maggie is now training for her second half-marathon.

And how about Connie, she had been to a few doctors about the pain from the arthritis in her hips to no avail. She is now pain free.

And then there is one of my own, while swimming in her Aunts pool my daughter was stung on her cheek.  My daughter, who was seven at the time, wailed with pain and came to me asking for QT .  I examined the area and there were two big red, swollen bumps which were getting bigger.  As her Aunt watched on, I covered her cheek and began to run the energy .  After a few minutes my daughters crying receded and she calmed, she told me that the pain had gone.  I continued using hands on healing for a few more minutes and then took a peek,  I looked up at her Aunt incredulously and I almost couldnt believe it myself, her cheek was smooth with just a hint of redness.

Quantum-Touch never ceases to amaze me.

Kim Cross RRPr, resides just outside of Gananoque, ON.
She is a certified Quantum-Touch Instructor, a Registered Reflexologist (RRCO), a Certified Massage Therapist, an Advanced Level III Reiki Practitioner, an EMF Balancing Practitioner and a Personality Dimensions Facilitator.  Kim teaches in her office or is available to travel to do Quantum-Touch training.  For more info please visit her website

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