Woman Uses QT Level I To Revive Her Father's Ability To Communicate

This is one of my experiences with QT soon after I had done the basic QT level I in Singapore in June 2008.

I received news that my adopted father, who was in his 90s, had suffered a stroke. My adopted father belonged to a small indigenous tribe in Sarawak (a state of Malaysia on the island of Borneo), in a remote and mountainous area served by a couple of morning flights by small aircraft to the city of Miri, where the nearest hospital is. They are off the grid for power and telecommunication.

He was an active man, highly independent and able. The stroke left him barely able to move, very much paralyzed down one side of his body, and unable to speak. He was evacuated the next day, a Monday, to the hospital, and admitted in the early afternoon, about 24 hours after the stroke. The doctor's prognosis was bleak. It seemed highly probable that there would be a funeral by the weekend. At best, it appeared he would likely be bed-bound indefinitely.

I was in the midst of returning to Singapore from another part of Malaysia when I got the news. The 5-hour coach ride gave me time to work Quantum-Touch on him by distance. My first intention was to help revive his ability to communicate, and I ran energy for about 45 minutes. In an update the next day, I learnt his condition had not only stabilized but he was regaining his ability to speak.

In another distance QT session, I concentrated on 'unlocking' the paralysis. In the next update, I learnt he was gaining ability to move his immobile arm. In short, by Thursday, he had recovered far better than the doctors had expected and was discharged to continue his recuperation at home before the weekend. It took some months, but he was eventually able to walk again with an aid and be independently mobile.

I often wonder how much QT had to do with his recovery as with his feisty spirit. I have noticed, however, that alternative healing 'coincidences' have certainly increased since I began to use energy healing!

All the best,

Kim Lee
Quantum-Touch Enthusiast

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