Quantum-Touch Self Created Health Resolves Conflict

Hi Jennifer, Richard, and Eve-thanks again for offering this awesome workshop, Self Created Health. As we have previously discussed by e-mail, I wont be able to attend the Saturday workshop live due to a prior commitment away from my home. However, if it is appropriate, I would like to offer some comments/input now and you are welcome to share it with the group tomorrow.

I have been working through the process and have had some fantastic releases and healings. It is one thing to feel some release and healing when doing the process-it is quite another thing to notice a change in real life . Last night, I was in a situation in which there was some conflict, and any conflict with this person in the past resulted in huge triggers and physical symptoms for me. During this period, I was able to stay pretty present, focused, and calm. I noticed a mild to moderate manifestation of one only of my previously numerous symptoms.

This morning, the symptoms have not increased in number, and the one symptom I felt is declining in intensity. In the past, I would have frozen in this situation-not fight or flight, but freeze. I am not frozen today and feel relaxed and totally Ok with what happened last night. I am very impressed with Quantum-Touch and this methodology for healing.

In peace and harmony,


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