Quantum-Touch Inspired Upcoming Book, "A Healer's Life,"

I always wanted to be a healer, to help relieve the pain and traumas others were experiences, and when I finally learned about Quantum-Touch, I knew I'd found my life's work. QT blends very nicely with the other techniques I'd learned, mostly on my own--and makes the work I do much more powerful and lasting!  However I employ QT techniques, a positive effect results, often in ways that continue to astonish me.

I am a social worker and a clinical therapist, and I come into contact with a number of people on any given day.  Many of these people are aware of my involvement in the field of energy work, and most are rather curious about it.  I began citing case examples to people, and demonstrated to them how energy feels.  In fact, so many people began to stop by my office for help with a headache or a back injury; I was advised to purchase a rider on my liability insurance to cover my time at the Agency.  One of my joys is working on a non-believer and shaking up their understanding of how the world works.  For instance, our Agency attorney and former non-believer, stopped by to review the insurance policy (purchased through QT and the Healing Touch Professional Association) and provide an expert assessment of its coverage.  He was impressed with the policy, but proceeded to tell me he did not believe in such "nonsense."  As he was talking, I turned over his hand and ran energy into his palm.  He stopped in mid-sentence, his jaw dropped, and he said a very bad word! His world is not the same.  He is a believer.

I teach seminars on various topics in the field of human services, but in answering questions from attendees, someone always asks about the energy work, and that leads to my explaining about QT to a rapt audience. People are fascinated by the stories I tell them about my experiences and the work and, in addition, the techniques I have come upon myself that enhance the QT techniques.  I invite people to take the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop, and then I teach the additional techniques in conjunction with the proscribed curriculum--making certain students know what is classic QT and what are my own methods.

To help get the word out about what I have and continue to discover in the efforts to help heal others, I have put together a book encompassing some of my case examples, what each case taught me, and how I arrived at doing this sort of work. The book, entitled, "A Healer's Life," is due out in early October.  I have devoted one chapter to QT and how I came to learn it, and what an influence Richard's teachings have been in my life. I would still be searching and frustrated had I not been introduced to QT!

Now I operate in the joy and wonderment of what is possible. My book will be available both in e-book form and in hard copy, and will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through my website (www.ruthfranzen.com), which will be up and running in a few days.

Happiness Always,

Ruth Frazen
LPCC, MRC, LSW, CQTI--Level 1 Instructor

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