Quantum-Touch Energy Charges Batteries

Ever since the first reports surfaced on the QT newsletter that it is possible to charge batteries with Quantum-Touch energy, I have been doing this with my truck battery. When temperatures drop down below -15 C in Canada, I run a little bit of Quantum-Touch energy into the battery just before I am going to start the vehicle. When temperatures are down to - 30 C, I run the energy a little bit longer.

I have never had any starting problems at all since I started doing this. We have had a very cold winter this last winter and my 10-year old truck always started right away. The engine was humming very smoothly all winter long. I give it a bit of Quantum-Touch energy every so often as for TLC. There definitely has been a decrease in repairs (I have not had any since 3 years) and the mechanics commented after the last oil change that everything was in such good shape. Two of my flashlights needed new batteries, so I decided to try to re-charge them, too! It worked just fine. I did not have to buy new batteries! It always amazes me when these things happen!


Karen Stock, Canada

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