Your Love Is Enough

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Several months ago, I blogged a story about the impact the words, "Your love is enough,"  had on one of my Quantum-Touch Level 1 students. I was so moved by her reaction that I asked her to put her thoughts into words for me to use in a future blog posting. Here is the response she recently sent to me.

Dearest Betsy,

First, I would like to thank you again for a wonderful Quantum-Touch Level 1 class experience. I so enjoyed learning these new tools. I also wanted to share with you a poignant moment I experienced in your class, as I will take it with me for the rest of my life, so you can share it with others. Below is a small account.

My Love Is Enough ...

As I sat in the class on the first day, I began to question myself and doubt my healing ability. You and Thomas already knew Reiki and as this was my first class of a healing nature. I began to wonder what I was doing there. I wondered if anything would happen when I tried. After a few exercises I was having so much fun and really enjoying it. Then came a statement from Thomas, which was, "When you did it, I didn't feel as much as when it was done before by Betsy."  

While I did my best not to take the comment personally, I could feel I put a wall up between Thomas and I, to keep my energy for myself, rather than sharing in the experience together.

It was then, Betsy that you saved the moment. You said that he naturally wouldn't feel as much when I worked on him since you had just worked on him two weeks before. Yet it was what you went on to say that shifted everything for me. You said, quite simply, to always remember that your love is enough.

I immediately felt overwhelming relief and my knowing and belief were raised. It was my "aha" moment, and in perfect timing. I realized I didn't have to be like anyone else, or know anything anyone else knew. I only had to be me. And to fill myself with love and let it flow out to others was enough.

If I never do anything else from the class, that one moment provided me with a valuable gift. And for that, you have my heartfelt thanks.

My children were very interested in what I learned, and it's been such a delight sharing it with them. They, like all of us, are natural-born healers, and we are having great fun with it!

With many thanks, warmest regards and love,

Andrea L

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