Using Quantum-Touch Level 2 To Change Old Beliefs

love in the galaxies

Recently, I recognized a strong desire to move out of an old way of thinking and relating to a colleague. I decided to try using the Quantum-Touch Level 2 technique to let go of old beliefs. As I stood talking to my colleague, I began doing Level 2 work opening myself to the greatest potential of my relationship with her.

To my amazement, the next day, this colleague called with an entirely new tone. She confided in me, in ways she never had. For the next week, I continued watching her treat me different. I experienced new levels of respect, closeness and even interest.

Wow! I thought.

So, yesterday I decided to try this technique and offer Quantum-Touch to couples whose relationships are challenged. What if we all open to the greatest potential possible in every relationship? What kind of community could we create? Quantum-Touch is so easy and so transformative. Quantum-Touch Level 2 definitely helps to expand into new dimensions never before imagined possible. If you have yet to take a level 2 class, you are in for a treat!

Thanks, Richard! Thanks, Jennifer!


Kim Luchau
Kilauea, Hawaii, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1, Level 2, Self Created Health Instructor
Level 1 Instructor Trainer

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