Quantum-Touch Level 2 and the Quality of Love

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As a therapist, I have long understood the powers of the mind and emotions as tools in illness and in healing.  When someone would come to me for a Quantum-Touch session, after listening to them about what their troubling symptoms are, I would ask them, "Are you ready to feel better?"  I have long understood that answering yes to that question is a necessary step in the beginning of the release of traumas and illness.  Chemical changes begin to occur in anticipation of a healing. 

I would tell the person, as we were working together on their healing, that it was all right to be well, and that they are as straight and as perfect as the day they were born. Amazing things happen at every session with every client, and usually only one session is necessary for the healing.

What I have discovered by using what I learned in the Level 2 class is that I can reach out through my heart chakra and envelope the person in love as soon as we make connection over the phone, email or in person. When they arrive for their session, they appear very relaxed and already comfortable with me. 

Now, when I talk to them during the session, I do so by drawing down the manifestation of their perfection from the higher chakras and surround them with that reality I see of them.  I encompass them within feelings of certainty and total physical, mental and spiritual health sent out through my heart chakras.  The results are more profound and many-tiered healings with lasting effects in a short amount of time. People with long-standing emotional issues seem to be greatly improved and act as though their traumas, once a main area of foci in their lives, are no longer important.

Ruth Franzen, LPCC, CRC, LSW
Toledo, OH, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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