November 24, 2006
I would like to put this story on Quantum-Touch to explain how important energy work is to me and give a brief summary of a small part of my awakening. I'd like to say that this is just a part of the whole picture and I am learning more every second of everyday in these wonderful times of the paradigm shift that is happening world wide.

Everything happens in synchronistic, divine order, and I believe it is important for me to share some things with people about the enhancement of the mass enlightenment that is taking place on this planet. The time for remaining in the dark is over, now it is time for us to share all we can of the light that is returning.

I have been looking into Quantum-Touch recently so I signed up for a workshop. Right before the workshop I said a prayer in the shower like I always do, for god to keep my process of intuition and ascension going at faster than full speed. Well, a few minutes later at the health food store I met the co-owner and CEO of Quantum-Touch, Jennifer. The funny thing was that I had just watched a video with her in it the night before, so thats how I recognized her! She had just flown in from Hawaii a couple hours earlier and we both instantly connected, as if we had known each other before.She wasn't doing the workshop so I got her number and took off, very excited at how blessed we all are.

At the workshop towards the end of the day, I ran energy on a woman's lower back that had been giving her trouble for years , when it seemed she almost fainted from pain as I was doing my breathing and focusing the energy on the spot that bothered her, so I decided to ask my angels to run their energy through me. I immediately felt a cool surge of energy flow through my limbs like flowing rapids, and she collapsed laughing and jumped up with her back feeling much better.     This was a very cool experience in itself, but wait, there's more.

After this I left the workshop and went to a coffee shop to look up the QT website, but there was nowhere to sit except this spot in the corner that someone had a backpack on. He politely moved it and I sat down and started to look at the website. After a few minutes he looked at my screen and said," hey man, check out  my screen," which was, amazingly  on the Pranic healing site. 

March 16th, 2007
Ok now that you've read this I can tell you what I have discovered to be truth for me at this point in my evolution.

I just got out of jail yesterday where I spent the last two months for a drug related charge that I got, back before a near death experience changed my life. In there I did a lot of writing and integrated an awful lot of what had happened to me in the past six months. I became aware, really aware of " allowing" people to choose their own paths no matter what they may be. I came to understand that what I experienced was absolute and total Grace beyond anything I could ever imagine.  I don't  have to live by faith, now it's by knowing, but still learning everyday. 

It sunk in enough in jail, just long enough to give me a buffer of time to integrate what has happened. I was a very blessed soul when I came into this life. I was given many gifts; I was a very intuitive little man that saw things no one else did, which scared me into chasing those gifts away as much as I could by the age of eight.

Sensitive to this world, I perceived as scary and hard, I numbed my senses even more with drugs and alcohol my whole life. A near death experience in September of 2006 caused me to see things again in a very beautiful way, which spurred on a desire to live, eat, and love in a nutritionally spiritual way never before considered.

What followed was the use of fasting and eating vegetarian food while meditating on a daily basis. I had the desire lifted from me to drink, eat, or smoke any mind altering substance ever again!

I've come to realize some beautiful things about us and, you know, it's true that all there is is love and it's only the perception of us being alone or separate that causes fear. We are either living in love or in fear.  Which are you right now? You know that if you're in the dark it's because you're looking at your shadow and all you have to do is turn around.

Peace love and prosperity to you.
David Lloyd
San Luis Obispo, CA 
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