by Robert McKee and Ilana Morris

Ilana's cat Grover, is a huge 20 something pound mangrove with black and grey tiger stripes  and massive  paws.  He became sick and lethargic over the course of a few days and began to have severe diarrhea with blood in it.  He lost his appetite, which is a sign that something is seriously wrong, considering this cat eats as much as I do.

I'll put it too you this way, I caught him pulling a 15 pound bag of food off of a high rack in the kitchen. I had trouble getting that bag in and out because of the metal rack it was on, prevented it from sliding. Grover managed to pull it out onto the ground, tore it open and proceeded to have a funky cat feeding fiesta.

After spending so much money recently on his hygiene and food, Ilana was reluctant to shell out another big check to the vet and decided to try alternative methods. She would rather treat her cat holistically, like she treats herself.

I suggested some homeopathic remedies as they are easy to give pets by simply adding them to water and animals seem to be very receptive to them. I told her that I would bring some the next day and suggested she use Quantum-Touch this evening.

I explained to her the sandwiching method and how to chase the pain through paying attention to the animals breathing and movement. After a few minutes, he rolled over and gave her access to his belly, which he does not let people touch even under normal circumstances.

The next morning, Grover was much improved. His energy was back and he now would come up into bed with her and plop down where she could put her hands on his abdomen.

A couple days later, after Grover came into bed every morning looking for more energy work, he coughed up a massive dense hairball and some vomit, which was obviously the cause of his discomfort and sickness.

This work is very powerful, and is even effective when the practitioner and/or patient falls asleep, because most of the time spent sandwiching, Ilana and Grover were sleeping!

Today Grover is up to his old tricks, getting off on catnip and tearing up his stuffed monkey toys.

I hope you enjoyed this little story about Grover, Ilana and QT.

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