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Introduction to Energy Healing With Eileen Strong


Eileen Strong

Contact Info:

Eileen Strong
Phone: +44 (0)7745 409059
Email: eileen@eileenstrongcoaching.com




October 28, 2023 10:00 am - 5:30 pm BST
October 29, 2023 10:00 am - 5:00 pm BST


Buxton Health & Healing Festival

Buxton Pavilion, St.Johns Road, Buxton, SK17 6BE

St Johns Road,

Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 6BE United Kingdom

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The Introduction to Energy Healing class provides you with an opportunity to learn more about energy healing and Quantum-Touch from our certified Quantum-Touch instructors all around the world!

I am showcasing Quantum-Touch at this 2-day public Health &  Healing event in North Derbyshire, England, UK. 

During the weekend, I am offering 30 minute mini-treatments of Quantum-Touch to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience this wonderful energy-healing  modality for themselves.  You can just come along and book one of these with me on the day.  (Or contact me BEFORE the event to pre-book before the rush!) 

I am also going to be on stage, presenting a talk "Intro to QuantumTouch" which will include a  live audience demonstration of body alignment (bones moving!) with only the  lightest touch  using the basic Quantum-Touch technique (as taught during the very first few hours of our Quantum Touch Level 1 workshop)!  I will be inviting 2 or 3 volunteers from the audience on to the stage for this to have their hips measured, and we'll all be looking at the "before" and "after" measurements just to see what happens!  

I would say that around 98% of the time, we do see the bones  noticeably adjust!!  Occasionally, the body doesn't want to make any adjustments and they may remain "wonky"!  I never know exactly what will happen .. but this is my very favourite part of representing Quantum-Touch as an Instructor at these sort of events.  I just LOVE to see and hear everyone's reaction both on stage and also in the rest of the audience when the Life Force Energy boost works with innate healing wisdom and has profound results.  

And it's something anyone can learn to do in just a few hours! 

There is a small Admission Charge to attend the full event and there is always plenty to see and do whilst you are there.  Buxton is an exceptionally pretty market town with a history dating back to the spas and healing baths of Roman times.  So do make the most of your visit!  


If you can't get along to the Festival, you can meet up personally with Eileen on Friday daytimes/evenings at her treatment rooms in the nearby towns of Heanor and Belper, Derbyshire. 

You can choose from pure Quantum-Touch energy-work,  or Quantum-Touch-with-Massage-Therapy-combined session, both with either 60 or 90 minute options.  Of course, Distant-QT sessions are also available. 


For more information on all these options, contact Eileen direct via her website at https://www.eileenstrongcoaching.com .. thank you! 

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