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Quantum-Touch Level 2 With Karina Grant


Karina Grant

Contact Info:

Tracy Klinger
Phone: +44 (0)7951 262 063
Email: tracy@karinagrant.co.uk




March 11, 2024 9:30 am - 5:30 pm GMT
March 12, 2024 9:30 am - 5:30 pm GMT


Healing House

99 Truro Road, Bounds Green

London, London N22 8DH United Kingdom

Website: https://www.karinagrant.co.uk/events/quantum-touch-level-2-march-in-london-2/?location

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Pre-registration rate:
349.00 GBP

Full registration rate:
399.00 GBP

Note: Prices do not include tax. For Pre-Registered Pricing, please register 21 or more calendar days before workshop.

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Quantum-Touch Level 2 is full of amazing discoveries. It takes what you've learned from Level 1 (and Supercharging) and deepens your ability to connect to your heart. Your love is powerful, and in L2 you'll see how much more freedom you have when using heart energy to connect to any part of the body (especially the brain) . You'll learn more about changing beliefs, manifesting what you care about, and healing wounds from the past. It truly does open you more fully into the New Human experience.

Here is a summary of what you will learn on a level 2 workshop

  • How to advance your Quantum-Touch abilities working physically with the body
  • A new way of running energy that is so fast, powerful, easy and fun
  • How to work in a much more advanced way using energy to balance structure and align bones instantly
  • Non obvious muscles and tendons that cause huge alignment shifts “This alone is worth the workshop fee” Richard Gordon
  • How to reduce pain even more quickly than with level 1
  • How to work with the heart chakra for healing
  • AMAZING: Working with specific parts of the brain for physical healing and metaphysical discovery.
  • These techniques are powerful ways of working with learning difficulties, elderly, supercharging your brain for study/work, memory and releasing emotion
  • The new and faster way of balancing chakras

Learn how to use the heart chakra energy:

  • Healing pre verbal infant trauma – this technique has the ability to heal traumas we were not consciously aware of. This is always very popular with midwives, doulas and anyone working with healing children and/or childhood issues
  • How to work more deeply and profoundly with charkas 8 – 12
  • Changing beliefs with Quantum-Touch
  • Several highly advanced manifesting techniques for desired new realities
  • Work on multiple parts of the body at the same time
  • Give healing to groups
  • The qualities needed for advanced healing and how to connect to them
  • How to share our gifts with each other
  • Meditations to bring you to a very expanded state of conscious awareness as quickly as if you had been an experienced meditator for decades
  • The qualities needed to experience the miraculous and how to attain them
  • Accessing these through meditations taking place in the higher chakras

and much much more…

You will leave the workshop with plenty of practice and having received A LOT of healing. Many people leave feeling totally renewed both physically and emotionally. This is a very exciting workshop!

Mind blowing! Karina has such passion, compassion and commitment. Wow this is life changing. Emotionally I feel I opened up and welcomed by a higher realm..everything is possible.

Diane Winfield, UK NHS Occupational Therapist

What the medical professionals are saying:

Probably the most important new publication in the world.

Cecilia L.W. Chan, PhD, Founding Director, Centre on Behavioral Health, The University Of Hong Kong

Quantum-Touch 2.0 is real healing! This book will change the world. It brings hope for humanity to thrive and not just survive. I am integrating this work as a new protocol in my practice.

Prudence Hall, MD

Quantum-Touch 2.0 is true energy medicine. This technique is cutting-edge, and it is easy to learn. I have seen it produce immediate results. Once this information goes global we will experience a major decline in all health challenges.

Howard Elkin, MD

Until recently, I never thought I would be able to take QT to the next level.
In 1978, Bob Rasmusson originally taught me to do the basic breathing and body awareness work, and then I was able to introduce vortexing, chakra spinning, amplified resonance, toning, the 12 chakras and many other techniques to enhance the work.

In 2009, I made a huge discovery about QT, and then very rapidly, one insight quickly cascaded with another and then another.If the basic QT workshop was like a rocket, the advanced QT Level II workshop picks up exactly where we left off and will send it into orbit and beyond.

Richard Gordon, Founder of QT

Some more things you will learn on Level II:

  • Discover a New Way to Run Energy
  • New Abilities
  • Healing Trauma
  • Discover Physiological Happiness
  • Open to Greater Intuitive Ability
  • New Professional Skills and Income for Practitioners
  • Open Portals to Wisdom
  • Open to Greater Love
  • Amazing New Chakra Discoveries
  • Use Energy with the Law of Attraction
  • The Quantum-Touch Meditation
  • Explore and Enter the New Paradigm
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