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Quantum-Touch Level 2 With Tyler Odysseus


Tyler Odysseus

Contact Info:

Tyler Odysseus
Phone: (909) 437-5288 - Text or Call
Cell:(626) 506-8216 Text or Call
Email: tyler.odysseus@gmail.com




April 24, 2024 8:00 am - 4:00 pm PDT
April 25, 2024 8:00 am - 4:00 pm PDT


Park Newport Waterview Facility

1820 Park Newport

Newport Beach, California 92660 United States

Phone: 1-626-506-8216

Alt. Phone: 1-909-437-5288

Email: tyler.odysseus@gmail.com

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$690 USD

Quantum-Touch Level 2 is full of amazing discoveries. It takes what you've learned from Level 1 (and Supercharging) and deepens your ability to connect to your heart. Your love is powerful, and in L2 you'll see how much more freedom you have when using heart energy to connect to any part of the body (especially the brain) . You'll learn more about changing beliefs, manifesting what you care about, and healing wounds from the past. It truly does open you more fully into the New Human experience.

Learn Level 2 The New Human from someone who can see your energy field and help guide you for maximum effectiveness.  I have been teaching Quantum Touch for 14 years. Come for two days or attend all 6 Days in a powerful 6-Day immersion program including all 3 levels. You will learn to You fine tune your energy flow for greater power!  Become an Ultra Powerful Energy Worker in just 6 Days.  Feedback is Unanimous.  People are amazed at how powerful they get in just 6 Days of careful practice and Instruction.  You will leave the class transformed and awakened to your true power. Pricing Above is for the full 2-Day class only.  If you want all 6 days, then add the 6-Day version to your shopping cart.

Registration through the Quantum Touch website or directly through me by texting 626-506-8216 or 909-437-5288

Level 1 The Power To Heal  April 20-21

Level 1.5 SuperCharging     April 22-23

Level 2 - The New Human   April 24-25

Quantum Touch Level 1- The Power to Heal 

Imagine feeling the peace and reassurance of knowing you can heal yourself and your friends.

Join a community of online healers. In this class, you will learn how to activate your healing ability and feel the amazing power of Quantum Touch coursing through your body.  I SEE Energy so I will watch where the energy is flowing in your body and help you to fine tune your flows for maximum power and effectiveness.


We drop into a state of deep love we expand and strengthen our heart energy and heart field.  We connect to our classmates.  
 We use this energy fueled by the energy work all week to use the heart-field in a new way with Quantum Touch - The New Human 
This revolutionary way of doing energy work is fast and powerful.  
We use it to Heal, to align, and to upgrade ourselves and others at the energetic level. 
The Energy Upgrades are my favorite part and as we begin upgrading ourselves on all levels through we upgrade our sense of presence and oneness with all living beings and also basic things like our financial baseline, our relationship baseline and our emotional joy baselines among many other upgrade by using the heart-field where those baselines are felt or located in the body.  These feel so good and have amazing real-world results.  
We learn accelerated techniques for aligning the entire body with energy, we work on brain structures with the heart-field and the brain’s relationship to pure joy and presence.  
As yet another way to have whatever you want in life, you will learn to download energy frequencies for anything you want to align with and integrate those frequencies directly into your chakra system so you literally become a magnet for them.  
Near the end we walk straight towards Pure Presence with expansive love energy we feel all class.  
All throughout, we enhance our ability to love others and to be loved while consciously creating our lives and our dreams.  With powerful manifestation techniques throughout the last two days, we materialize our dreams into reality for the next coming months and years!
You be absolutely amazed at just how much skill you can achieve in a 6-day class.  
I hope to see you there,

Quantum Touch Level 1 - The Power to Heal  
Quantum Touch Level 1.5 SuperCharging!!
Quantum Touch Level 2 - The New Human

Text or Call to inquire or Register at 626-506-8216

-Tyler Odysseus

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