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How I Learned Abundance from an Office Chair!

When I first met my husband, he was working at a local factory making office chairs. These were really nice, high end office chairs, and I wanted one so badly! I could see how much my husband loved his job, and all the details and quality that went into manufacturing.

His job specifically was tool and dye, so he maintained and repaired the metal presses that were used to stamp out the metal parts in the chair. He would tell me for hours about the intricacies and details, and even though I didn’t fully understand what he was saying, I could hear his passion. So, I wanted a chair. We looked at them and couldn’t afford them. Oh well, I thought, it's just a chair.

Fast forward: I learned about Quantum-Touch. We started making changes to our lives. In 2018, we both made the decision to quit our jobs and follow new passions. This took a year to implement.

Fast forward to February 2022. I was taking my Quantum-Touch Instructor Apprenticeship with Miriam Hunter. Miriam had just started teaching the new course, Manifesting Miracles. And although I hadn't yet taken the workshop, I chatted with Miriam about it, so she brought some aspects to our conversation.

At one point I said something like, “Well if manifesting is so easy then I’m loving my new office chair!” I went on to describe how awesome having my new office chair would feel, how I love sitting in it and it truly serves all my chair needs. We got silly with this and made it a lot of fun. At that moment, my “office chair” was a 20-year-old, $5 stool I had gotten from a friend in high school. Then, laughing aside, we finished the training.

Around that time, the gears started turning in my head. My husband and I thought we’d be renting and staying where we were for the next 5 years. But then I thought: Thea, you say you do energy work, and you tell clients to believe in miracles, why not truly believe it yourself?

I ran the energy and pitched the idea to my husband that we could buy a house. He thought I was crazy! I reached out to our bank lady to see what was possible for us. A few days later, she responded with the type of mortgage we applied for - we were stunned! Okay we thought, let's do this! In the same serendipitous way, we met a realtor through recent acquaintances and began telling her our vision.

Long story short, amidst the crazy housing market, we got our dream property, within our budget and way lower than what was comparable in the area. And well, you’ll just have to read the whole story, because energy was involved in it too!

Anyways, we moved in and sure enough, the previous owner left a desk and chair in the back room. There’s my office I thought! I was amazed.

But wait, there’s more.

I wanted to adjust the height, but the mechanism seemed to be jammed. Thinking it was just an old chair, I left it at the height it was.

Months later my husband was in my office, and I thought, maybe he could figure out the mechanism.

He flips the chair then calls me over, pointing to the stamp from his old company. “This is a Northfield chair!” We both just started to laugh. For how long had we wanted this chair?! And then it struck me, I’ve been sitting on this chair for 4 months, and I had no idea. What other miracles, am I literally just sitting on, and haven’t even noticed?

To me, this is abundance. To be present, and know, you already have it.


Thea Willette

Quantum-Touch Practitioner and L1 Instructor
Ontario, Canada

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