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Positive Thinking... and Feeling!

You are worthy, you are loved, you deserve everything your heart desires. If these words make you clench up in any part of your body, it is worth it to repeat this phrase and experience the resistance created within you. For if we resist words that embody what we want, how can we expect to receive the actual thing beyond the words?

You are worthy, you are loved, you deserve everything your heart desires.

Feel and repeat.

Everything carries a resonance and vibration, everything is energy and contains an energetic pattern.

In Quantum-Touch, we practice the art of entrainment. As a practitioner, working on a client, we raise our vibration so that the client can energetically rise up to meet us at that higher vibration. This is the same for other healing modalities, as well. Generally speaking, the practitioner opens up and gets more present, so the client could match that openness.

Where there's openness, healing more readily happens. When we're caught in a problem it's like being ensnared in a spider's web. All we feel is the web tightening around us. If we're human, we start to envision being eating by the spider and that fear is even more paralyzing.

But what if there is no spider or spider's web and the feeling of ensnarement or fear of being eating is merely a construct of the mind? What if by directing our attention to the openness, to the place beyond where we feel trapped, we begin to experience a freedom we couldn't have dreamed possible?

This is what energy healing does. We focus on the openness, on the higher vibration, on the connection to infinite life force energy, and as we plug in and connect, we begin to open up and expand and healing starts to happen on a deeper level.

There is no wrong or right when it comes to illness. We didn't draw it towards us, or deserve punishment. Maybe this is what is believed in the moment, but it's only true because we make it true. The way out is in. We feel the issue lightly within the expansion and allow the energy to carry us where it goes.

You are worthy, you are loved, you deserve everything your heart desires.

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