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Will Quantum-Touch Help Me?

by Renée Morris

May 23, 2024

When people hear about Quantum-Touch energy healing, the most common question they ask is if it can help to heal their existing condition. From cancer to bunions to chronic pain, we have been asked about it all. The exciting news is that over the years we have received countless reports from people with a large variety of conditions sharing with us that Quantum-Touch has helped them in their healing journey. As a result we can honestly say that we do not know the limits of this work. However, before we get into how Quantum-Touch might help you and your condition, let’s talk first about what energy healing is and how it works.

What is Quantum-Touch Energy Healing?

Quantum-Touch is a simple and effective energy healing method that uses life force energy to promote and accelerate healing naturally with the understanding that all healing is self-healing.

In 1978, Richard Gordon learned the basic techniques from a man named Robert Rasmussen and then later went on to continue the work under the name Quantum-Touch after Robert’s passing. The goal at the time was to empower people to heal themselves using simple techniques that anyone can learn, and we have maintained that vision to this day.

Currently Quantum-Touch has a global presence with over 500 certified practitioners in 34 countries. Quantum-Touch is used professionally in many settings by nurses, massage therapists, physicians, and is also practiced as a standalone modality.

Founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, C. Norman Shealy, M.D., tested Quantum-Touch on his most difficult patients who had suffered for 20 or 30 years with their conditions without relief. Every one of these people experienced lasting relief from a single group Quantum-Touch session. His conclusion was that ‘Quantum-Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers’. We completely agree and it is now our mission to inspire people worldwide to discover the extraordinary healing power within.

How Does Quantum-Touch Work?

Quantum-Touch works according to 6 main principles. Let’s review them!

  1. We Are Hardwired for Healing
  2. Quantum-Touch teaches that we are all born with the innate ability to heal ourselves and facilitate healing in others. This is simply a hardwired gift from birth that we need only discover. Just as new cars coming off the assembly line are equipped with a steering wheel, windows, and doors, the ability to self-heal and help others to heal is automatically built into the human system. Everyone has this ability.

    In many ways we already use this natural gift automatically and instinctively like when we intuitively put our hands on a part of us that hurts or when a mother ‘kisses better’ a child’s injury. We believe that healing is one of the most natural things there is.

  3. All Healing is Self-Healing
  4. As Richard Gordon says, ‘You can no more heal someone else than you can digest the lunch they just ate’. There is a common misconception that healing is something that one person does to another. This is not true. The body intelligence is the true healer and will decide how and if the healing will happen. We are simply harnessing the power of life force energy and love to support the healing process.

    And so, our definition of a healer is someone who was sick and got well. And a great healer is someone who was very sick and got well quickly. We are all our own healers and for others we can be healing facilitators.

  5. Energy Follows Thought
  6. The third principle is that energy follows thought. Where we place our thoughts is where our energy starts flowing automatically, giving life to whatever that subject might be. And so it follows that we can use our intention and attention to direct our energy effectively and intentionally.

    Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote ‘To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body - cells, tissues, organs, and systems - and arrive at a junction between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect’. We can access this point on a quantum level through our intent, love, breath, and body awareness. It is through linking breath with body awareness and charging it up with love and intent that we do Quantum-Touch.

  7. Life Force Energy and Body Intelligence Work Together
  8. Quantum-Touch teaches that in doing the techniques of linking breath and body awareness, we are cultivating life force energy. Known by various names across many cultures, life force energy is the animating force of all living things. It is the flow of life-giving energy that moves through us and all around us constantly. At every moment each of us is awash in a perpetual movement of the life force energy that streams through and around our bodies yet most of us hardly notice it. ‘No, I have absolutely no idea what water is’, said the fish, ‘Why do you ask?’.

    The Chinese call is Chi. The Japanese call it Ki. The Hawaiians referred to it as Mana. It has been used for hands-on healing, distant healing, and prayer for millennia. Indian Yogis have called it Prana and have used it to achieve higher levels of consciousness through the practices of yoga pranayama meditation and the various healing arts.

    Other cultures have utilized life force energy for various healing massage techniques, acupuncture, and the numerous forms of martial arts. Life force energy is appreciated in so many traditions as the animating current of life operating with a level of intelligence and wisdom that boggles human imagination.

    The reality of life force energy has been well-documented by literally thousands of studies. Distant healing and prayer in the laboratory have produced viable and dramatic results on bacteria yeast and other single-celled organisms as well as on DNA enzymes and chemicals. Abundant research has also been conducted on plants, animals, and people.

    It is only our Western scientists and modern Western cultures who have denied the existence of life force energy. However, as people seek empowering and effective methods for healing, awareness of and interest in life force energy is naturally growing.

    And so, the life force energy we cultivate by doing the Quantum-Touch techniques works together with the body’s natural intelligence with a complexity that is beyond our comprehension, to bring about healing.

  9. Breathing and Body Awareness
  10. The secret behind Quantum-Touch and what makes it stand apart from many other energy healing modalities is linking love and intent with specific body awareness and breathing techniques. When we connect the breath with the body and charge it with love and intent, the result is high vibrational life force energy that has the potential to accelerate healing in both the person cultivating the energy and the person it is being offered to.

    Students learn several different breathing patterns and body awareness exercises as well as techniques for directing and amplifying energy through attention and intention. All of this combined with the harmonizing power of love creates a dynamic and effective system for promoting healing.

  11. Resonance and Entrainment

    You may be asking what makes the other person (the receiver) respond to the life force energy being offered to them. The answer to this lies in the vibrational principle of resonance and entrainment. This principle maintains that the frequencies of two similarly-tuned systems will automatically adjust to match each other.

    In other words when two things are vibrating at different frequencies, either the lower vibration will come up, the higher vibration will come down, or they will meet in the middle. If there is a dominant vibration, then it is this vibration that becomes the one that the other frequencies shift to match.

    For example, if pendulum-type grandfather clocks are mounted against a wall where the pendulums are swinging out of phase to one another, eventually the pendulums will lock into phase and move together.

    The same phenomenon also occurs in the area of electronics when you have similarly-tuned oscillating circuits vibrating and similar frequencies. The slower circuit will rise to match the speed of the faster one.

    This works on biological systems in animals and humans as well. You can often hear crickets or frogs finding the same rhythm and coordinating their sounds to one another. Fireflies will start flashing their lights together, and flocks of birds and schools of fish will display coordinated movements.

    This is resonance and entrainment, a phenomenon that allows two similarly-tuned systems to align their movement and energy so that they match in rhythm and phase.

    When working with Quantum-Touch, the practitioner holds the highest vibration they can, which becomes the dominant frequency. The recipient’s energy will simply entrain with and match the vibration of the practitioner naturally. This is how the recipient receives the energy. Then their innate body intelligence will do whatever the body deems useful to cause healing to occur. In other words, a high vibration of love and life force energy is what allows people to transfer healing energy from one to another.

Putting It All Together

So lets put all the principles together…. To assist a friend in their healing, you would use Quantum-Touch breathing and body awareness techniques to raise and hold the highest vibration possible within yourself. Then you would focus your intent on sending love and healing energy to your friend, using the power of your intent to direct the life force energy with the understanding that all healing is self-healing. Your friend’s innate body intelligence will do whatever their body finds most beneficial as it entrains naturally to the high vibrational energy being offered to them. The body intelligence will decide what to heal and how.

Remember, the body heals itself with an unfathomable level of intelligence. Western civilization often takes the body’s innate healing ability for granted but it is the true healer.

Back to the Original Question

So to answer the original query of this article - Will Quantum-Touch Help Me? - the answer is ultimately that your body heals itself and that you can learn how to help it. Regardless of what your condition may be, the approach with energy healing is ultimately the same.

Quantum-Touch teaches simple and effective breathing and energy awareness techniques to provide high vibrational life force energy that your body can use in its own natural healing process. Your body’s innate intelligence is the true healer.

We encourage you to empower yourself to learn Quantum-Touch to support and accelerate your healing in a natural way. It is a life-changing process that will change the way you think about yourself, your body, and what it means to heal.

Here are the main ways to get started:


Take the Level 1 Workshop

We highly recommend taking the live Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop, offered in-person or online. You will learn directly from a certified instructor in a dynamic group environment where you will practice with fellow students and receive feedback immediately. Upon completion of the Level 1 workshop, you will receive an official certificate of completion as well as credit towards becoming a certified practitioner. This is the best way to learn Quantum-Touch.

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Watch the Original Workshop Online

The Original Workshop Online is a pre-recorded training where you can learn the basics of Quantum-Touch from home on your own time. This is a video workshop with lifetime access. It covers the essentials of Quantum-Touch with approximately 5 hours of training. This course does not count towards becoming a practitioner.

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Read the Book

Quantum-Touch founder Richard Gordon published Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal as an effective step-by-step guide for using this method. This book provides a fantastic overview of Quantum-Touch with frequently asked questions, practice exercises, detailed applications of the method, healing stories, and more. Although this book does not replace the value of the live Level 1 workshop, we consider it a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in Quantum-Touch.

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