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By Chaya Silberstein

Our ability to relax is one of the greatest powers we have. It is in these exact moments that we open ourselves up to the universal flow of life force energy and rather than do, we allow the power to flow through us, heightening the experience and effectiveness.

Sure, we train ourselves on technical aspects, honing our craft, but like a dance, we do and then we allow, in sync with the infinite flow.

I had this demonstrated to me very powerfully the other day during a kung fu class, which I have been practicing for many years. A senior student was leading the class and she instructed us to fully relax our bodies in between each strike - each outward motion. As I practiced this, something interesting began to happen. The more I relaxed, the greater the energy flow when I issued my strike. Rather than trying to punch and using my muscles, it was as if I became an empty vessel and the energy simply flowed through me, so much more powerfully and with so much less energy exerted.

If you watch any great athlete at play, you begin to notice that while the muscles being used are tense at the moment of execution, the rest of the body is fully relaxed, and they are completely in the flow.

This applies to energy healing as well. Whether you're doing yin or yang work, it's about being in the flow, being in your body, being in the present moment, fully relaxed and then either receiving or giving from this place.

With Quantum-Touch, we use the breath and body awareness. Just for fun, try relaxing a little more in between each iteration, even just for a second. Any part of your body that feels tense, allow it to relax, and then from this place, allow the chi to flow through you, rather than forcing it.

When you can learn to be with yourself in your inner stillness, you can learn to be with the world in its outward motion.


Amie Hope

Chaya Silberstein

Quantum-Touch Editor/ Writer 
Certifed Practioner 

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