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Healing Circle With Mayumi Pachkoski


Mayumi Pachkoski

Contact Info:

Mayumi Pachkoski
Phone: 1-443-987-4140
Email: mayumi@beautywithinskincare.com




June 30, 2024 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EST



Maryland United States

Phone: 1-443-987-4140

Email: mayumi@beautywithinskincare.com

Website: https://beautywithinskincare.com

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Experience Quantum-Touch!

The Quantum-Touch Healing Circle is a great opportunity to receive a QT session and to share Quantum-Touch insights.

This is a QT practice session aimed at further mentoring. Each session will have a theme, and we'll practice in accordance with that theme. Every practice session lasts three hours, and I'll use English and Japanese.

Based on the unanimous agreement of our previous attendees, I'm excited to introduce a 3 hour practice session designed to complement your 90 hour reqirement.

This session will offer invaluable insights beyound mere energy manipulation, enriching your holistive understanding of the healing process. The cost for this transformative expereicen is $50, a modest investment in your continued grouwth and development as an energy practitioner. 

If you haven't attended a workshop conducted by me before, please send me your digital copy of the Level 1 workshop at [email protected] .


"You really do deliver a great deal of wonderfu; information and it takes time for me to absorb it, learn it, and apply it. 

I love the positive example that you present, I love your honesty, and I love your sweet generousity!

I also love how you listen and make people feel heard, while also directing the conversation towards their goals and positive outcomes."~ Linda


"THe healing circle was incredible! I absolutely loved it and look forward to the next one. Each time, I feel like I'm growing and I always have no much to learn. 

I deeply appreciate your guidance and support. You are amazing and look forward to continuingto learn from you."~ Kristen.


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