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I have personally met and have been trained by Richard Gordon in his healing modality, Quantum-Touch. Many of my staff also were trained and we were able to demonstrate that Quantum-Touch, even without touching the patient (!), is capable of changing the electroencephalogram. Symptomatic relief was obtained in a number of our chronic pain patients.”

Dr. Norman Shealy

M.D., Ph.D., Pioneer in Holistic Medicine

Tap into your body’s natural healing power with Quantum-Touch.

Quantum-Touch is a powerful energy healing technique that works with life force energy – a universal vibration of love and well-being. Also known as "chi" in Chinese and "prana" in Sanskrit, life force energy is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy to promote optimal wellness. If you've struggled to find relief from physical or emotional issues and nothing has helped, energy healing may be the solution you've been searching for.

Distant Healing Works!

By Bernadette Chua CQTPI

During a Quantum-Touch workshop, one of the segments which most participants even the most open and pro-QT find it challenging to believe or to truly trust in the process is that of distance healing. I completely understand how they feel. I too was skeptical when I attended my first workshop in 2005. In the months following the QT workshop, I preferred to do my sessions face-to-face because I believed at that time, that it was more effective.

Then, because circumstances was such that I was "forced" to rely more and more on distance healing, I started to receive more "evidence" that I was equally effective far far far away as I am while I am with my client. That's when I had my own breakthrough where distance healing is concerned.

I am glad I overcame my own skepticism about it because today, as a therapist, I am truly able to help anyone anytime anywhere in the world. I am not confined by schedules or geography barriers. Clients who are shy about seeking help in person can do so now. Amazing, isn't it? It was needed for me to learn to be confident about distance healing as it turned out, 70% of my private sessions for clients are done via distance (skype is a marvelous technology!) or a combination of personal/ distance. Useful too as I have clients from Singapore as well as from Malaysia, Hong Kong and UK!

During my QT workshop, to enable my participants to feel more confident about using distance healing, we will engage in an "experiment". At the same time, I will provide examples of success stories from both my experiences as well as others. Next, I will encourage them to start testing it out with fellow participants or family/ friends who are open to QT so as to obtain their feedback and affirmation of the effectiveness of distance healing.

The following are some examples of success stories using distance healing:

Case 1

A client had engaged me to do a Chakra Scan and Energetic Enhancement sessions for her two young children. The scan was conducted earlier in the day and I did the enhancements sessions for them in the afternoon ending about 3.45pm. During the session, I focused on balancing/ aligning the chakras as well as further enhancing their well-being. At the same time, I also worked on the relationship energy flows so as to further deepen the bonding between the family members.

“Just to give you some feedback on my kids' response to the Energy Enhancement. For my daughter, she just seemed a bit tired at about 4pm. Just normal, as what you said. What surprised me is my son. He seemed to have a healing crisis. At about 4pm, he started to have runny nose, teary eyes and feeling cold. I thought that he was getting 'heaty' after eating too much biscuits and Chinese New Year goodies. But at about 6pm, he was back to normal. That is why; I think it is a healing crisis. Well, I would like to thank you for helping to enhance the quality of our lives.”

Case 2

This is from a participant who attended my workshop in Feb so she's a "newbie" but look at the wonderful successes she has experienced!! She used distance as well as self-healing.

“After the last session on my way home, I decided to try distance QT on my hubby. He has constipation problem even after medication and colonoscopy since October. When I reached home he said he felt something in his tummy and after dinner that night, he actually emptied his bowel. The next day he went to the toilet twice and since then he has been doing it regularly. Today he went for his checkup and doctor told him to go back one year later for review. That's good news!

Two days ago, I had a pain in my right thumb. I couldn't bend it nor use it even to open a small packet of biscuits. So I QT my thumb and today it felt less painful and I had no problem using it.

I've been practising QT on my way to work (1 hour bus ride). After learning QT, I felt that I had a better control over my temper. Must be the positive energy that's keeping my head cool. I am glad I learnt QT - not only for my well-being but also for the people around me.”

Case 3

These are some stories from participants after the distance healing segment during the QT workshop

“I fractured my ribs and I told my partner to work on my ribs. What's amazing is that I felt the warmth and heat at the back where the root pain actually is. I didn't tell her so she would not know to work on that area. Yet I felt it there!”

“I can feel someone tapping and massaging my eyeballs!”

“I was talking to my instructor when I felt this heat on my neck and I knew that my partner has started to work on me.”

“I was walking out of the seminar room when I felt this tingling sensation travelling up my legs where my pain was. When I walked up the stairs, my knees no longer hurt like they used to.”

These are just some stories from lots of success stories using distance healing. The only way to grow in confidence about using distance healing is to use it! enJOY!

Bernadette Chua
Certified QT Instructor/ Practitioner


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