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Our Mission:

We Inspire People Worldwide to Discover the Extraordinary Healing Power Within by Providing Simple and Effective Energy Healing Techniques that Anyone Can Learn.


We Inspire People Worldwide

Since 2000, we have grown into a worldwide community of practitioners, instructors, students, and followers. We have taught over 27,000 workshops with instructors in 20+ countries including Japan, United States, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Portugal, and more. We have inspired over 150,000 people all over the world to improve their lives with Quantum-Touch. Our workshops are offered in-person and online in multiple language and our global presence continues to expand.


To Discover the Extraordinary Healing Power Within

All healing is self-healing. Quantum-Touch teaches people how to focus, amplify, and direct life force energy to unlock the incredible healing power within us. Life force energy is a universal vibration of love and well-being. It is the breath of life that animates all living things. If flows through us, surrounds us, and gives life to everything in the Universe. Life force energy has been acknowledged and utilized by cultures around the world for thousands of years in various healing practices. The body can heal itself with an unfathomable level of intelligence. We all have the power to heal.


By Providing Simple and Effective Energy Healing Techniques that Anyone Can Learn

We offer simple and effective energy healing techniques designed to support well-being on all levels. Quantum-Touch is easy enough for everyone to learn and powerful enough to be used by healthcare professionals. Even children can learn Quantum-Touch. It is an innate human skill that we all possess. Quantum-Touch can be done anytime, anywhere as well as in combination with other modalities, making it an exceptionally versatile energy healing practice. We hope that one day, all beings around the world will discover the power of life force energy and the body's extraordinary ability to heal itself.

The Quantum-Touch Vision

Quantum-Touch empowers us to take responsibility for our health. All healing is self-healing and we have the power within to create optimal wellness.

Quantum-Touch works with Life Force Energy – a universal vibration of love and well-being. We believe Life Force Energy is at the heart of self-healing and Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus this energy to improve our health and well-being.

Quantum-Touch techniques are simple to use, easy to learn, yet powerful and effective, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Using Quantum-Touch, the energy of health and well-being becomes part of our daily life and supports our ability to thrive at all levels.

Quantum-Touch helps us experience more deeply the power of love, giving us a happier, more fulfilling life experience.

As more people use Quantum-Touch to fill their lives with universal love, Quantum-Touch becomes a way to bring positive change into the world.

This wonderful new technique is truly a godsend.

I look forward to making the validation and application of Quantum Touch the chief focus of my professional life, as well as major component of my personal life. I am certain that with further research, the application of Quantum-Touch will become the first action we resort to when someone is in pain, precisely because it is instinctive, natural and effective. This work is truly a gift to humanity.”

Jonathan French

D.C. Newmanstown, PA

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything and love is all there is.”

Gary Zukav
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