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How I Learned Abundance from an Office Chair!

Redefining abundance. To be present, and know, you already have it.

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The Role of a "Chain-Breaker" and Becoming Whole

Breaking not-so-pleasant pattern of habits repeated across the generations.

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Using the 2-6 Breath to Relieve Stress

Did you know that just 2 minutes of breathing with a longer exhale regulates fight or flight stress?

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How a Frontline Respiratory Nurse Used Quantum-Touch Level 2

Watch a Video on how a respiratory nurse uses Quantum-Touch!

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Four Secrets of Healing

Quantum-Touch empowers people to discover their own innate ability to heal. 

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Using Quantum-Touch to Bring Us Our Dream Home

And just like that we bought our dream property and shocked our realtor!

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Working with Phobias, Addictions, and Animals

You mention that QT can be used to heal phobias and addiction. Can you elaborate?

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The Beauty of Asking for Help: Chasing Pain and Structural Realignment

How to Work With Back Pain

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Is Telekinesis Real?

Telekinesis is the movement of matter without physical contact or the application of known physical effects. Watch Telekinesis on Video!

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From Being Depressed and in Chronic Pain to Fabulous Again!

From Being Depressed and in Chronic Pain to Feeling Life is Fabulous Again!

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Learn Online with the Original Workshop Online Video Library!

The fastest and most economical way to get started with Quantum-Touch is to learn at home with The Original Workshop Online Video Library. The Original Workshop Online is a complete, low cost Quantum-Touch workshop with interactive quizzes and practice sessions.

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