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What Is Quantum-Touch?

You may have heard about Quantum-Touch energy healing and wondered: What exactly is it and can it help me?

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Using Quantum-Touch on a Goat

The power of using Quantum-Touch in-person and as a group, remotely.

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Tap into Your Greatest Power!

Our ability to relax is one of the greatest powers we have. It is in these exact moments that we open ourselves up to the universal flow of life force energy and rather than do, we allow the power to flow through us, heightening the experience and effectiveness.

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Will Quantum-Touch Help Me?

If you've struggled to find relief from physical or emotional issues and nothing has helped, energy healing may be the solution you've been searching for.

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Transforming Childhood Trauma Through the Power of Quantum-Touch

Every child has a story, and Every adult has an inner child…

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Finding Time for Everything: Infinite Flow

There are infinite minutes in the universe. When you allow yourself to flow, time seems to magically open, and you feel more at ease.

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Positive Thinking... and Feeling!

"You are worthy, you are loved, you deserve everything your heart desires." The power of not just thinking affirmations but feeling them as well and using any resistence the words provide to go deeper and raise your vibration.

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Using Quantum-Touch to Address Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How often do we encounter miracles?  A father uses Quantum-Touch to help his son deal with anxiety and panick attacks.

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Quantum-Touch In Woman's World Magazine

Quantum-Touch offers Powerful Manifestation Techniques to Help Make Your Dreams Come True

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Hearing Returns in One Quantum-Touch Session

Sara contacted me last week on Wednesday with a message entitled: “Sudden hearing loss – urgent.” She was understandably panicked and emailed me on her way back from urgent care at the hospital, asking for help as soon as possible...

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Learn Online with the Original Workshop Online Video Library!

The fastest and most economical way to get started with Quantum-Touch is to learn at home with The Original Workshop Online Video Library. The Original Workshop Online is a complete, low cost Quantum-Touch workshop with interactive quizzes and practice sessions.

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